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Photographer, Marketer, Storyteller
My life's purpose is to help businesses find confidence in their brand and pursue their dreams. Whether that's navigating you through a lifestyle photoshoot for photos that connect with your customers or creating a marketing roadmap custom to your business and goals. With a foundation in storytelling, I help you create the marketing resources you’ve been searching for to navigate this new terrain.
You could say that it all started in the Garden of Eden but that's a really long story to tell. Instead, I'll start with my story. I’ve worked with a number of businesses as a marketing manager, marketing director, and photographer and seen the troubles that face their growing brands. I personally have experienced the frustration with trying to navigate the ever-changing waters of a digital presence and want to help brands like you avoid that stress.
Plastic Free July
There is no such thing as perfection. There is no way to do it right. But with my experience, I can help show you the ways successful businesses have been able to connect with their audience. More importantly, we’ll come up with new ideas together to make your marketing stand out from the crowd and align with your mission and values.
I help build confidence in a few ways…..
Photos are one of the strongest marketing assets in your toolbox. They’re the story that connects with your audience and shows them what their future could look like. Together we choose a location that sets your story, pick the wardrobe, props, time of day to shoot, and color scheme. We’ll even create a mood board to make sure the images are just right. By the end of this shoot, you’ll be feeling more excited and more confident about your marketing.
How to take Flat Lay Photos
It takes a village to build a brand, so why not get the extra support you need in the areas that aren't your passion. With my experience as a marketing director, I help brands navigate their marketing efforts with a clear roadmap created just for them. Get an audit of your current strategy and get new ideas on how to grow!
Articles on the adventures I’m pursuing, behind the scenes of photoshoots and running a business or the life lessons I’m learning about sustainability, mindset and just living a more confident life. Consider this the inner workings of my mind, inviting you to come along for the ride!
When asked as a kid “what do you want to be when you grow up” my answer was become an elephant not grow businesses. At the same time, I can’t imagine doing anything else.
It’s time for you to feel confident about your marketing and excited to share your product with more people! Join me on this journey to finding confidence in your life and business.
I believe in loving yourself because your opinion of you is the only one that matters. I believe in community, that friends and family are what make life worth living. I believe in breaking bread and sharing spaces to build relationships and learn something new. I believe that you were born creative and that didn’t stop once you grew up.

I believe in stories; your story has the power to change minds and change the world but most importantly it has the power to heal. I believe in caring for yourself first so that you have the health and energy to care for those around you. I believe in the journey. We are all on a journey to finding ourselves, finding our purpose, and seeking answers about God.

I believe in quality over quantity and that our grandparents knew a thing or two about keeping it homemade and having things that last. I believe in slow mornings, hot cups of teas, colorful sunsets, powerful works of art and that celebration calls for cake. Most of all I believe that to live the life of your dreams you have to go forth with confidence.