Welcome To Our Emerald Bedroom

May 16, 2020
Emerald Green Master with Gold accents and black furniture

We would sit on the couch after watching a show or a movie and talk about the future. A future with a dog and a house that fit all our dreams inside of it. While the 900-square foot condo we owned had become home and represented who we were, it had zero room to grow. Our dreams are big, my husband, Clayton's, drums are bigger. So we waited until the day came that we found the home we had been dreaming up and within the wall of the space we would take our time making ours, was a bedroom that was becoming in focus for me.

We are not beige people

While our budget was minimal, seeing as we just purchased our first real house, I needed there to be places within our home that felt like us. We are not beige people no matter how much my dad tries to make us. I love color. It's something I've never been afraid of and I wanted a color in our bedroom that would be romantic, would pop off the walls, and was something that I'd never used before.

Enter, my new obsession, Emerald green.

Looking into our Emerald green Master Bedroom

Clayton had his doubts. But that's usually how our creative process goes. I come up with a crazy idea, he's not so sure about it, I execute, he falls in love. That's probably the truth about our love story too.

For the first time in our lives, we really got to make all the rules for this house and I wanted to say something bold with our bedroom. Due to time restrictions and wanting everything to be done 1 week after we moved in so that Clayton's family would see a finished house when they came to visit (which did happen. Not a single box in sight!), I committed to painting only one wall for now. The largest wall in the room that moves through our bedroom into the bathroom gives both spaces a feeling of elegance. Top it off with gold side table lamps I found on sale at Target a few months back and a newly added floor length mirror also found at Target and our room started to come together.

While Clayton's family was in town, we bought cheap curtains in gold at Wal-mart. Some day I'd like to upgrade these but for now, they do the struck. They accent the green, keep the sun our and shield our neighbors out.

I think that's the beauty of design, it's never really finished.

The bedspread, a duvet cover from West Elm we got right after our wedding is my favorite thing. I personally, love a white bedspread. I'm living my best life with it until we have kids and I know that will no longer be a realistic color anywhere in our home. The bear pillow is Eddie Bauer and the velvet green pillows that pull the color from the walls into the rest of the room are cases from Ikea.

A close up look of our Emerald Green bedroom in direct light

What I love about this room is that while it feels complete to me now, I know that it will continue to morph over the years. It allows some of our personality to showcase now, in this stage but I have dreams go ridding the rest of our walls of the tan, adding in some fun wallpaper on a wall or two and updating our furniture with mid-century modern pieces. Currently, all our bedroom furniture has been cheap finds (including the bed I got out of a dumpster) and painted to fit our style. While it works, for now, I have bigger and better dreams for all the rooms in our house, even this one that I currently love so much.

I think that's the beauty of design, it's never really finished. A room that feels complete now will still get updated and transformed years from now when your styles change or the creative voice deep down is calling out to you.

Side view of our west elm bedspread agains the emerald green wall
Detail shot of our bedside tables with gold lamps and pictures
Emerald Green throw pillows
Hovering over the bed with the dark emerald green wall and gold curtains behind it
Close up of Target wood mirror with bedroom in reflection
Length of bedroom with view into the mater bedroom