Date Night: Fancy Dates

April 8, 2020

We make date night a regular thing in our house which can make coming up with new ideas a bit tricky. Add the bonus of not being allowed to leave your home and date night just got a whole hell of a lot harder. Let's be honest, sometimes all we want to do is sit in front of the T.V. watching Cheers for the millionth time or finishing up setting up our backyard.

The motivation behind this week's date happened to be a dress I got before the quarantine and have been dying to wear. Instead of waiting for a special event, we decided to create the event. If this time of life has taught us anything it's that you need to live for today.

So last weekend we did the whole shebang.

Clayton cooked ribs all day long to have ready for dinner. We had 3 bottles of champagne sitting in a cupboard as house warming gifts and broke one open. And we found a fancy desser to end the night.

After getting all "dolled-up" I came downstairs to find our wedding playlist on the speakers, candles lit all around the kitchen and the most amazing meal set-up and ready to eat. While we didn't get to eat at one of our favorite restaurants or show off our good looks in public, that important parts of the date were still true. It was a time to feel like we got away from the rest of the world. We connected over food, champagne, and deep conversation.

After dinner, we took our drinks to the fireplace and talked about the future. Without the limitations of what's happening in the world right now, we discussed what we wanted our lives to look like. We talked about what we were learning from this time in isolation and discussed ways that our lives could be different when this is all over.

To end the night, we cozied up together (back in our comfy clothes) and watched a movie on the couch with our puppy between us.

It's simple. It didn't even have to be as fancy of a meal as we had (Clayton is the chef, I would have settled for wine and mac and cheese). But having the dedicated time out of our the new normal routine gave us the chance to reconnect and have a little more fun. What made it even better was deciding we would do this a week in advance so that we had time to look forward to it.

In a time of crisis, having something to look forward to makes all the difference.