How To Up-Style your Loungewear

May 6, 2020
Sweatpants and a blazer to take your loungewear to the next level

There seems to be a common thought around the world today, that if you aren't going to leave your house, there isn't a reason to get dressed. Sitting in loungewear all day has become the new norm for most people and while I can understand this for a day or two, I am the type of person that starts to feel terrible if I don't get ready each day and feel like my best self. Call it morning routine or just plain crazy, but that's me, outfit, shoes, and some fresh make-up every day to feel my best even if I'm only seeing people on Zoom calls. Which is why I'm going to show you how to up-style your loungewear so you can stay comfy while feeling like the queen you are!

I'll admit, I have very few loungewear pieces. What I do have ranges in yoga pants, 1 pair of sweat pants, and a few sweatshirts and comfy dresses. Even these few pieces of loungewear are enough to create a variety of looks to wear throughout the week and feel like a boss.

We'll start with a maxi dress.

It's simple, it's easy and we pretty much all own one. You don't need to wear a bra with it, you don't even have to wear jewelry with it. Throw it on an throw your hair up in a messy bun or pull half up to add variety to your looks. If you go for a walk throw on some sandals or boat shoes and you've got a look. When the temperature drops add a jean jacket or even a jean long sleeve shirt tied at the waist. This stylish loungewear look gives you confidence and all the Summer vibes with literally 0 effort.

Maxi dress loungewear option
Hanging in the yard with Westie puppy in Maxi loungewear dress
Close up of Maxi dress and jean jacket loungewear

Second on the up-styled loungewear list are sweatpants.

Like I said, I own 1 pair of sweatpants. I like a sweatpant that's tight at the ankles because that's how we wore them in 7th-grade hip hop dance classes and I feel like a badass when I wear them still. With this look I've added a simple black tank that I tuck into the pants and layered with a sleeveless blazer. A regular blazer or a vest would work with this too. You're just looking to add some layers. I personally love a casual mixed with a business look. Jeans and a blazer is pretty much my favorite outfit. So this to me feels super professional (and will look that way on a Zoom call) but still gives you the comfort of jammies.

I paired this look with my favorite TOMS wedges but you can wear a sandal or a slip-on with it too.

Sweapants with a blaxer to upstyle your at home loungewear
Style blazer and sweatpants with wedge shoes
Detail shot of Loungewear sweatpants

Finally, we have every woman's favorite loungewear piece - yoga pants.

Now, I have a hard and fast rule about wearing any form of leggings in public, you're butt MUST be covered. I've lived by this rule since I was a teenager and I think it still applies today. Even if you aren't going into the office you might go for a walk or step into the store. Cover your bum. I add a long flowy tank on top of these yoga pants with a bright tank underneath to add a pop of color. A belt around the waist adds an extra point of style to this look and will make you feel less frumpy by accentuating the smallest part of your body. Pair with a fun pair of flats in a bold color or print and top it off with a hat to hide your unwashed hair. That my dear, is how you style loungewear!

It doesn't have to take a lot of time to style loungewear but the few extra minutes you spend taking care of yourself in the morning will make all the difference throughout your day. If you don't believe me, just watch a single episode of Queer Eye on Netflix.

Loungewear in your backyard. Tank with belt and yoga pants topped with hat and animal print shoes
Loungewear legging look with hat and animal print shoes
Add belt around loungewear to up-style