3 Styles of Content – Which is yours?

May 7, 2020
3 Styles of Content

Unlike getting dressed in the morning where you have more options than you know what to do with, choose a style of content for your brand is pretty simple.

While there are few style choices, they cover a broad area of types of posts and messages you can share. Don’t feel like in choosing one you are limiting yourself or that your posts have to fit into this style 100% of the time.

My tips and ideas are always meant to be a guide. They are here to help inspire you and lead you. Once you know the rules, it’s easier to break them. Every great artist knew that!

Let’s get started.

Educational Posts

If you are a fitness brand or fashion brand educational posts might be the thing for you.

Giving your clients tips, ideas and helpful resources are how you serve.

For example, as a gym, you might share recipes or provide a video of a recent workout. Show the incorrect and correct form or a basic workout or provide a few different workouts you can do on the go (and please share with me! I’m always in need of those.)

On the other hand, if you’re a fashion brand, you might educate your clients on how to wear certain styles? What trends work for different body types? Or what are the staples we all need in our closets?

In both these examples, this is just the beginning of how you can educate your clients. And you aren’t limited to writing things out but using video, going live, or showing before and after photos. The limits are up to you!

Motivational Posts

The beautiful quotes you see through your feed that light that fire inside or you are the motivational posts. The ones cheering you on and telling you that you can take over the world.

Motivational Posts are the encouragement that we might not get from our friends and family in pursuing our dream. They are the before and after images, the success stories and the long journey stories.

As a business, you are putting out there the words that your clients need to hear. You share stories with them that motivate them to keep at it and go after their dream.

Inspirational Posts

Inspirational posts are where I live.

These are the posts that get you dreaming and thinking of what could be. Whether that’s showcasing the lifestyle of your product or service or posting images that match your brand and tell another story.

In my own business, I post images that showcase the work I’ve done for other clients to get new clients thinking about how their photography could look. But as a brand that has a huge focus on adventure and the Colorado lifestyle, I’m also posting images of the mountains, hikes in the forest and sunsets in the city.

These photos aren’t all selling commercial photography but showcase my photography skills, tell more of my brand’s story and inspire others to either fall in love with nature or invest in their photography.

I’m happy with either outcome.

You’ll find that some of these posts will cross each other’s paths. You’ll have a couple motivational and educational posts even if you’re focusing on inspirational posts and that’s fine. Your focus is to make 80% of your posts around the one style.

Try this out.

Work on it for six months and see how your audience takes it.

What posts do they respond to the most? How has your engagement changed? And how do you feel when posting in this style?

I started with an educational style until I figured out that it just didn’t come naturally to me. I’m all about the inspiration and once I figured that out, writing captions and creating posts came a lot easier to me.