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June 21, 2021
Brand Partnerships

Bite Size Bits: My goal this year was to connect with other businesses. To interview on podcasts, to build partnerships and expose each other’s brands to our audiences. Why? Because reaching new audiences is the BEST way to grow you brand. What better way than by getting the seal of approval from a brand that audience already trusts?

As with every year, I come up with goals to achieve for my business and my personal life. Goals that include things like, practice yoga 2x a week, hit 6-figures in my business, go on a trip out of country, and interview on other’s podcasts.

These goals all have specifics to them and steps to achieve them (just like I lay out in this post). But the goal that has the biggest impact when it comes to my business, is networking and building partnerships.

Last week I talked about having a support system that was there when you had your darker days. But having a network of business owners that you can work together with is just as important.

Partnerships allow you to get in front of an already established audience that fits yourideal customer. That audience trusts the brand they follow and therefore are more likely to be interested in you because they’ve gotten your seal of approval. But it’s even more than that. Creating a relationship with another brand will help you to learn more things about the industry, get new ideas, and even have someone to go to when days are hard and you need a person around who understands.

Networking groups, Facebook Groups, and making friends with your favorite shop owners isn’t about figuring out what others can do for you. Building a partnership is about figuring out what you can do for them. How do you add value, how do you provide support? The more you give, the more you’ll see come back to you.

Let go of the “me” mentality, and embrace the idea that “we’re in this together.” Make a list of brands that you think have a similar audience to you and then figure out what your brand can do to support them. Only after you know how to add value to their lives should you reach out and talk about some form of partnership – A social media giveaway, a podcast interview, a small business pop-up shop at the park– whatever it is, make sure they know how you’ll be supporting their business.

Just like you build trust with your customers, you need to build trust with businesses. And then see just how amazing those partnerships can be.

We’re in this together. Don’t ever forget that.


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