Your About Page Isn’t About You

May 24, 2021
About Page

I have yet to meet a business owner who enjoyed creating their about page. Or for that matter have found a lot of value in their about page. And that’s usually because they’re making it about them.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, you’re about page has absolutely nothing to do with you; It’s about your audience.


Hear me out!

When I go to an about page, I don’t care where you went to college or that your grandfather was an entrepreneur. I want to know why you started this brand, how you’re going to fix my problems (because it’s always about me) and, what ethical or sustainable practices you have that will convince me to purchase from you.

Your about page is a chance to tell your audience a little bit about the behind-the-scenes of the business but bring it back to the points they care about–How you solve their problems, how you started this business to solve their problems, and did I mention, solving their problems???

That’s what an about page is all about.


Dedicate 1 short paragraph to the history of how you got started. Spend another paragraph talking about how this brand relieves 1-3 pain points of your customers. Finish off with any details about practices you have that make you different from the competition (sustainability, ethics, methods, etc.)

That right there is everything you need on your about page.


Stronger Label is not only my favorite athletic wear but their about page is a great example of telling their customers exactly what they need. I remember visiting this page when I first learned about them to see if they had sustainable products and shipping. Their about page was short and sweet, highlighted their sustainable practices as well as other benefits you get from shopping with them, and finally talked about their mission to empower women

The Package Free shop keeps it short and simple with their about page. You can dive in deeper with other pages if you want, but the main questions you have of who they are, what they do, and how they solve your problem are all laid out in 1 very short paragraph.

Patagonia is a huge company, so they obviously have a lot to teach small businesses. They don’t have an about page. Instead, they list out all the things you need to know about them in their footer with links to pages that go in-depth. From their product guarantee, to who makes your clothes to the 1% they give from every sale, they cover it all just in the footer of their website. and this my friends, is a brilliant way of keeping it simple and answering your customer’s questions.

However, you decide to make your about page, Keep it short and sweet. Make it easy to scan with headings, bullet points, and break up the text with high-quality images and testimonials. And you have an about page that will actually serve your business. Go and make your business less about you, and more about your audience.

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