Adventures In The City: Cincinnati

January 3, 2018
Lalo Cincinnati

In the past few years, my travels have taken me to some new and more local places; mostly, to my fiance’s hometown in Indiana. A couple times of year we fly into Cincinnati to spend time with extended family and friends, then drive into Indiana where we spend the rest of the trip on the farm he grew up on (one of my favorite places to visit). This Christmas we went out and spent the holiday with his family and finished the trip in Cincinnati where Clayton had to work. During his time at work, I spent the day exploring the city and finding some new adventures of my own.

Cincinnati Art Museum
An Edward Hopper original

The Cincinnati Art Museum

Lucky for me, Cincinnati’s art museum is free to the public except for the temporary shows which only cost $10 to get in. Personally, I am a huge fan of modern art; Monet, Degas, Edward Hopper, Matisse, and Picasso are all some of my favorite artists. I was happy to discover a few new ones (or ones  I’ve forgotten about) including, Mark Rothko and Frans Kline. This amazing building covered with art that will have you drooling made my solo adventure better than I could have imagined. But this was only made better by the special exhibit they had – Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion.

Cincinnati Art Museum

A one of a kind fashion exhibit that would have made Alexander McQueen proud. Fabric made from metal, umbrella poles and 3D printing were just the beginning of these amazing works of art. Iris Van Herpen is showing the world that fashion doesn’t have to functional and that it is its own genre of art.

Cincinnati Art Museum

For only $10 I got to see this amazing exhibit that was absolutely perfect for me. (In case you didn’t know, I originally wanted to go to school for fashion and ended up going for Fine Art). If you’re hoping to catch this exhibit it’s ending at the Cincinnati Art Museum but will continue to the Phoenix Art Museum and then on to Ontario. You can get the full details here!

Where To Eat In Cincinnati

Clayton is quite the foodie so we spend a lot of our time trying to find new and unusual restaurants and the two I have to recommend to you are just that!

LaLo’s Asian-Mexican Fusion

Lalo Chino Latino is one of the most fascinating and delicious places we’ve ever been. In their new location on 8th and Main Street, they’ve created an atmosphere that incorporates modern design with Asian and Mexican flavors.

Where to Eat Cincinnati

Lucky for us it was the Tuesday after Christmas and it was snowing outside so the traffic was light. We enjoyed having the place to ourselves, minus one or two other families that braved the weather to have a great meal out. We ordered an appetizer of Pork Kimchi Dumplings, made with a dough more like tortillas than the usual dumpling dough. For our main course, I had the Mexi Pad Thai and Clayton go the Mexi Bibimbop (a dish usually made in Korea). Both courses blew us away. Adding bits of corn to my pad thai and a whole bowl of Mexican staples, these dishes were the perfect combination of both cultural foods. What made this place even better was knowing that everything they make is made fresh and that the head chef is also the owner of the restaurant.

What topped off this amazing experience was the complimentary dessert of flan served to us at the end of the meal. The perfect texture and just the right amount of sweet had us gobbling up this piece of heaven even with no room in our stomachs.

Terry’s Turf Club

Terry’s Turf Club was recommended to me by a friend in Denver and we later found out has been showcased on shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Known for their build your own burgers with specialty homemade sauces.

As your driving through neighborhoods to a location you can’t believe there’s a place to eat, you’ll find a building flooded with fluorescent signs. Littered on the inside and outside is neon reds, blues, yellows and greens letting you know that you’ve found this magical land.

As you read through the menu, trying to decide on all the possibilities you’ll choose your meat (regular burger, crab cake, fish, chicken etc.) the toppings – some that come with some for an extra charge – and then the specialty sauces that come up with flavors you would have never thought. Each burger comes with chips or fries but the mac and cheese sounded and amazing the onion rings were a special kind of wonderful – more like a funnel cake batter than the usual breadcrumbs.

With only a little over a day to explore the city, these were easily my favorite places to find in Cincinnati. Amazing food, great culture and some fun ways to get a tour of the city. If you know of other places you think people should know about, leave a comment below with your suggestions for where to go in Cincinnati.