The Art of Posing

August 12, 2021
The Art of Posing

I could write this piece in a single sentence: The art of posing is to not pose. That might be oversimplifying it, but in my opinion, that’s how you pose. You make it look like you’re not posing. We’ve seen the photos of a group of girls all with their hands on their hips to create space around the waist and to add definition to their arms. But does this look like a normal way they stand? Does a photo with that much posing ever feel authentic?

Creating Authentic Photos With Lifestyle Photography

Whether it’s a brand photo session, an engagement shoot, or family photos I use the exact same tools for every shoot. It starts by putting you in an environment that you feel comfortable in. One that gives you something to do and allows you a place to interact. Then I make you engage. Engage with the landscape or the other people in the shoot. I give your hands something to do (the real trick to making any photo look authentic) and then, most importantly, I try and make you forget there is even a camera there. We laugh and tell stories and enjoy our time together, like old friends catching up.

Top Tips To Posing In Photos

In my post 4 Tips on Posing I break down these tips so you can see just what a difference a small tweak can make. But I wanted to share a few more quick tips to remember while having your photo taken–by me or your friends at the pool.

  • Stand up straight (always)
  • Put you weight on the leg further away from the camera
  • Objects closer to the camera appear bigger so lean (just a little bit) forward so that you face becomes the focal point
  • Angle yourself towards the camera so you aren’t straight on
  • Make sure at least on side of your waist is showing (it’s the smallest part of your body making you look thin)
  • Give your hands something to do (Hang in pocket, play with your shirt, adjust your hair, etc.)

The Art of Posing Couples

Same rules as above plus some more…

  • Act like you like each other
  • Bring your hips together, this shows intimacy
  • No duck lips when kissing, go in and out slow (it’s the second before the kiss that’s the best shot)
  • Cup hands together, don’t interlace fingers
  • If you’re nervous just get silly. Dance, make jokes, run around, anything goes to find your real interactions

Professional Posing

The art of posing doesn’t just happen overnight. These quick tips are helpful when you want to take photos with your friends, but when you’re really in need of a photo that you’ll look your best, it’s time to bring in the big guns. A professional photographer will know what to look for during your shoot to ensure you’re looking your best. This means giving clear and easy directions to help you show off your best side and give you the confidence that you’ll have photos you can’t wait to share with your friends. A professional doesn’t just find the best locations and discover beautiful light, they’re there to make sure every detail of your photos creates a story that means something to you.

Gain confidence on your next shoot by hiring a professional. It’s an investment you’ll never regret.

Katie Leigh is a brand strategist and photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. Her experience as a former graphic designer and former marketing director provide a unique perspective when it comes to your brand. Whether you want to get clear in your message and create a brand strategy that supports your work-life balance or need to update your website with photos that tell your story, Katie Leigh will help you get clear in your marketing and create sustainable practices to build the brand (and life!) of your dreams. Get the guide to work-life balance and more marketing resources here.