The Best 2021 Planners To Get Organized For your Business

January 7, 2021
Best 2021 Planners

“Let’s get down to business…” (Insert dancing to Mulan song the rest of the day). But in all seriousness, this year is about getting down to business. It’s about pushing aside our bad habits to make space for the habits that will get us to where we want to go. 2021 is the fresh start we’ve all need. It all starts with a little organization. I’m an old soul, which means that I get organized with a pen, paper, and an old fashion planner. So I’ve pulled together a few of the best 2021 planners to help you get started on getting organized and reaching your goals–both personal and professional–in 2021.

While planners often go to the wayside after a few months or weeks into the year, your job is to keep up with your planning. Get on a schedule for creation, publication and engaging with your community. Design a marketing plan that will fill these pages and lead to more brand clarity and allow you to show up for your audience. Consistency and clarity are the two rules to grow a successful business. Use your beautiful 2021 planner to stay up to date with those two things!

Best 2021 Planner For Me

I experiment with calendars every year. I try ones in difference sizes, layouts, materials. What I’ve come to learn is that I like to see my week in one layout, have space for my agenda and my top to-do’s and have a spot for monthly goals. On top of that I’m a lover of pockets (in my clothes and in my planners) and stickers. So when my planner comes with those, it’s the holy grail of planners. I also like to stick to a budget with my planner since I know it will only last a year, however, that with a budget comes limitations on sustainability so I do my best to recycle the pages at the end of the year.

Best 2021 Planners For Business Owners

This year my 2021 Calendar comes from Day Designer which has become my favorite planner brand. I got the 8.5×11 since it will stay at my desk and doesn’t need to fit in my bag or purse. I also like it to be pretty because you’re sure to see it in some lifestyle desk shots on my social or in my blog this next coming year.

Sustainable 2021 Planners

If beauty and sustainability are on the top of your priorities for you planner then any one of these 2021 planners will meet your needs. There’s something about sustainable products being so much prettier than the none sustainable ones.

Ponderlily Paper Products are seriously the most beautiful. A little more expensive than I usually aim for and based in Europe so you’ll have to wait a little bit on the delivery, but for these high-quality sustainable products it’s worth the wait. They come in a variety of colors and allow you to make monthly goals while still planning out each individual week. It’s made of eco-conscious materials such as soy-based ink and recyclable paper. This planner will keep you well balanced with reminders to recharge and space to record your intentions and gratitude. And my favorite part? There’s a pocket!

Karst 2021 Planner

Karst Weekly Planner has a new-age design with bold Serif fonts, blank lines and a spot to record “what matters today?” Here’s where things get really crazy. This planner is waterproof, tear-resistant, 100% recyclable and tree-free. It provides a 60% lower carbon footprint and has a promised carbon neutral delivery. So basically, its the most sustainable planner you could dream up. The beginning of the planner even gives you themes each month to focus on and enhance your life. If you love the minimalist vibe, you’re really love this planner.

The best 2021 planner: Green Dreamer '21 Planner (In Amazonian Jungle)

Green Dreamer ’21 Planner (In Amazonian Jungle) is pretty much the coolest design for a planner you can find. A little bit old school mixed with a little bit of modern. It’s made with soy-based ink on 100% recycled paper. You’ll love the jungle theme design as much as you love the eco-awareness dates. The open of the book has 101 tips to thrive and gives you space each week to record to schedule, list your to-dos, and highlight another tip to thrive. The weeks are undated so you can start this planner whenever you’d like. And if you really want to be eco-friendly they have a digital option too!