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July 22, 2020
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I open up my MacBook Pro, click on my internet browser, type the URL of where I’m going and wait. A hot cup of tea in hand, curious about what I’m about to discover. Hopeful that this site is the answer to my prayers and will have exactly what I’m looking for. A brand that proves to be knowledgeable, reliable, and honest. And I’ll know this within a few seconds. My first impression all comes down to their brand photography.

What I’m looking for doesn’t matter. This story is true in every case.

We make a decision about a brand within the first few seconds of checking them out online, walking into their store or hopping on their social feeds. With how often we see advertisements today, we know how to spot the weak brands. The ones not actually interested in serving us but in scamming us.

When I look up a new brand on social or on their website my first impression always starts with their photos.

When I look up a new brand on social or on their website my first impression always starts with their photos. Is this brand serious enough to have high-quality brand photography? Have they built up enough of a following to afford to hire someone who knows how to capture a story? Because that’s what I want, a story.

Brand PhotographyBrand photography isn’t about showing pretty pictures of your products. While that’s great and important for your sales page, the rest of your website and social should be focused on showing your audience what the future could look like with your product or service in their life. I want to be able to see me in those photos. Happy, living a wonderful life, my pain point, whatever that may be, gone. It’s the unique story that only you have. A million people may sell the same thing that you do, but you do it differently because it’s YOU! Share that side of the business. The personal side of your business.

You’ll use photography in every single aspect of your marketing. Online, in print, on social, on your website, in blog posts, I could go on. Having too many photos doesn’t exist, having too many bad photos, or photos of the wrong thing does exist.

That’s why you bring in a professional.

Lifestyle Photography

As a marketing consultant and someone who has been in marketing as a manager and director for years, I know the kinds of images you’re looking for. As I shoot your photographs I keep in mind all the different ways this could be used. “Shoot this angle for Facebook. Okay, now I’ll shoot this way for a magazine spread. Oh, they’re gonna want this one in an email so let’s shoot it this way.”

I’ll think of the things you wouldn’t know to think about

Over and over in my head, I’m not only capturing your unique story, creating beautiful images that will connect with your audience and have you falling in love with your brand again but I’m also thinking about all the different ways you can utilize these photos. And that my dear, is the number one reason to hire the expert. I’ll think of the things you wouldn’t know to think about so that you can keep working on the other millions of details you have to focus on in your business.

It takes a village to create the brand of your dream. Get the support you need, with people you can trust who knows how to support your business. I’d love to be a part of the village that leads to your dreams. Book your next shoot today!

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