4 Podcasts To Change Your Business

March 18, 2019

I have a morning routine that doesn’t fail. Waking up at 5:30-6:00 am every day (weekends mostly included) to send out emails, write in my journal, enjoy a cup of tea by the fire and catch up on the book of the week. I try and find 1 task to do that affects a different foundation of my life – relationships, dreams, health, education, finances. And the part of my morning routine I absolutely couldn’t live without isn’t our healthy greenish-brown smoothie, but listening to podcasts as I drive through the Denver traffic.

I have about 6 podcasts I listen to religiously. Every week without fail I’m downloading their latest episode or going back to listen to old ones when I just need something more because traffic is heavier than usual. The following podcasts are 4 that I listen to every week but specifically thought you might enjoy these episodes. They are all great foundational episodes to work on your daily practices as well as how you run your business and work with people.

So pour that cup of tea, or that greenish-brown smoothie, download these episodes and get ready to learn some new things that you can apply to all areas of your life. If you like what you hear, screenshot your episode and tag me on your Instagram Stories (@TheRealKatieLeigh) I’d love to know what you thought!


Rachel Hollis – The Daily Practice that Changed My Life

I could fangirl about Rachel Hollis all day long. While her main audience is women, that doesn’t mean that all her business advice – and personal advice for that matter – doesn’t apply to men. In this episode, she talks about her “Start Today” journals, which the Spring editions are just about to launch. Whether you use her journal or a piece of paper like I do it’s a great morning ritual that only takes 5 minutes. The practice that she discusses in this episode is one she’s done every day for 10 years as she’s built her multi-million dollar business and became a New York Times Best Selling Author. So you might say that she has some proof in this pudding.


Chase Jarvis – It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work With Basecamp Founder Jason Fried

I’ve been hearing a lot about Jason Fried lately but that’s only because I just finished Paul Jarvis’ book Company Of One, which I HIGHLY recommend you read! In there Paul mentions Basecamp as the perfect example of a business that is keeping things simple and looking to sustain their business model and not grow exponentially. It’s a business that is founded on intention not just making more money which is why so many of his tips are great in this episode. Jason also approaches this idea from the perspective of both a business owner and an employee so whether you are running the business or still in a 9-5 while you start your business these tips can apply to you!


StoryBrand – How to motivate your customers to take action

Donald Miller’s Podcast is one that I never miss. The 30-45 minute episodes are short but sweet and the business advice in every single one is invaluable. For the first 7 weeks of the year, each podcast would dive into one of the steps in their 7-step story brand guide. While his book Building a Story Brand will go much deeper into each step and really help you create a story around your brand, these podcast episodes are still AMAZING! Here they sit down with their Marketing Director Tyler Ginn and he tells you how to get your customers to take action with powerful and to the point calls to action. This episode will give you some great ideas to create powerful emails in your marketing


School of Greatness – Blake Mycoskie

Lewis Howes interviews a wide variety of people in his podcast The School of Greatness. In this episode, he speaks to one of my hero’s Blake Mycoskie. You’ll learn new ideas for creating a business that cares and just some solid business advice that you can apply to your company. He even shares the latest movement their starting and how this has affected their business model and allowed them to make an even bigger impact.



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