Buy The Perfect Car For Your Adventure

January 8, 2018

I’ve had the same car since I was a Freshman in college. Good Ol’ Cynthia has been good to me and gotten me everywhere I’ve needed to go. We’ve been through a lot together and she’s been even further, over 200,000 miles far. So when the day came that it was time to let her go and find a new car, I was a bit upset. Although, at the same time pretty excited to choose a car that was right for me with all the bells and whistles I had dreamed of.


A Car Meant For Adventure

In our family we only by Subarus. There’s a lot of reasons why we do this but the number one reason is that we have a mechanic we love who only works on them. But there are a lot of great features that come with a Subaru making it the perfect Colorado car and made for adventure. I specifically wanted a Subaru Outback after 2010 when they redesigned the body. It sits a bit higher than the old version and has a sleeker look to it. I, of course, needed a sunroof and heated seats because I’m always cold. One of my favorite features is the backup cam in the rearview mirror which has made backing into a parking spot way. All Subarus have 4 wheel drive making them perfect to drive in the snow or in the mountains. The treacherous dirt roads leading to Fourteeners or the icy highways that lead to the ski slopes are no match for these beasts!


Finding The Best Deal On A Used Car

I’ve always been taught to buy a used car. It’s the best deal around and you are buying something that loses value as soon as you take it off the lot. With that in mind, I still wanted a car that’s going to last me a good long time, ideally up to 10 years. I started with websites like and I ended up finding a 2011 Subaru Outback in dark grey at an AutoNation. With less than 100,000 miles on it, this car was $13,000 and in perfect condition. We took it for a test drive, dropped it off with the mechanic we trusted and checked out the car facts before deciding that this was by far the best deal we had seen. What’s even better is that AutoNation took care of us like family. Their no “haggling” just a low price to start with and the best deal around. To make it even better they installed new breaks, replaced the tires and gave it an oil change for no extra car. This car was ready for adventure and we were ready to take it on one!


Funding Your New (To You) Car

If you’re like most of us mortals, you can’t afford to outright pay for a new car, even if it is used. Therefore, here are a few tips in paying for your new car! It starts with the down payment. Whatever you can afford to put on the card, do. And if you can put it on a credit card it allows for those extra miles to be used on another adventure. If you’re hoping to have this load effect your credit score, you need to take a loan of at least $10,000 out. Any less than that and it won’t make a difference for your score which was one of the reasons we wanted to take out the loan in the first place. By improving our scores it would be easier to get a good mortgage when we’re ready for that.

When you sit down with your car dealer they’ll put in your credit information and send it out to a bunch of different places to get you the best interest rate. There are some flaws with this tactic, the more places you send out for the more times your credit score are checked and the more it drops. It’s a dumb system, but that’s the game we’re playing. We limited it to the top 5 places they thought would have the lowest rate, usually all being Credit Unions. When we got ours back we agreed on the interest rate, signed on the dotted line and put down our deposit. After that, it’s all about working with your loan agent to set up your accounts, give them your car insurance information and make your first payment. A month or so down the road you’ll have to get set up with your license plate and sending in your emissions test.


The Adventure Begins

Keys in hand and peddle underfoot and you are flying down that highway dreaming of all the adventures you can have with this beast. I find it’s always a good idea to name your car at this point and this lucky Subaru became Hemmingway. Don’t ask me why it just felt right. From here, it’s all about getting to know each other. Playing with the bells and whistles, setting things up that fit for you – gloves in the middle console, sunglasses up top, the seat in the right position and so on. This is where things get fun. You start to find your fit with your new car and even better, you get to start planning your next mountain adventure with your new ride. And that adventure will be a whole new experience with a ride like this.


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