Sustainable Fashion Shoot With Chiefton Supply Co.

May 14, 2018

When I was ten years old, I fell in love with activism. At a time in my life when my anxiety disorder was at it’s worst, I became shy and introverted even though I’m a natural born extrovert. It was through activism that by speaking out for others, I found my voice. A voice that had been lost.

Fast forward to high school and college where I lead groups, movie showings and talks about things happening on the other side of the world. It’s where my passion for sustainability and fair trade came in.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ll be honest; I lost a lot of this drive. Graduating college meant finding a job and paying bills. Buying sustainable products is a luxury for those who have a budget for shopping. Most of us are trying to get our dollars to go as far as possible, which means leaning towards fast fashion.

The more that I get back to my roots the more I fall back in love with fair trade and sustainable fashion, which made this Spring catalog shoot for Chiefton Supply Co. that much more special.

Chiefton Supply Co. is a hemp-based clothing line from right here in Colorado. Their soft fabrics are sustainable using the plant that Colorado has become infamous for. 

Nothing tells the story of Colorado better than Red Rocks Park where hiking, listening to music and Denver views are all a must. It became the perfect backdrop for their line and a great place to hang out for a warm afternoon.

Chiefton Supply Co. not only knows how to create great fabrics will killer graphics that everyone will love (even those who don’t partake in hemp activities like myself), but they are also a fun crew to hang out with for the day. 

The amount of laughing on top of those rocks must be a photo shoot record. 

We covered the park looking for different backdrops and letting out model show off all her personality. When it comes to directing shoots, I’m always for showing off the style and voice of a model knowing it will better connect with your given audience. And for this brand, silly faces, lots of fun and huge personality are just what their customers want!

One of the best parts of telling the Chiefton story was connecting their sustainably made products with nature. It’s where they were meant to be and to showcase the adventurous side that comes with these clothes is always my favorite part. 

Check out the shoot and be sure to check out Chiefton Supply‘s website for more sustainable, soft, hemp clothes! 



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