Where to print your Christmas Cards

December 1, 2019

As a child, I dreaded the family Christmas card. That is until we actually started getting it ready for the mail. While the idea of sitting around the table stuffing envelopes sounds terrible, it’s turned into a fond memory as an adult. Any time spent together as a family, talking about history, or laughing together without the need for a TV or a phone, has become close to my heart.

That’s the beauty of the annual Christmas card. It’s not just the old school Facebook status of all the great things happening our lives. Instead, it’s a time to remember all the great things that happened over the year and share them with those we love, to let old and new friends know that they’re being thought of, and one more chance to show off the amazing couples portraits you had taken earlier that year. On top of that, it’s a chance for one more date night, as you prepare.

Of course, my favorite part of Christmas cards is sharing a photo that I love. There’s nothing better than showing off the confident side of you. If you’re looking for the best place to show off your confidence, these three print shops are my go-to for Christmas cards and would be perfect for you this year!


My new favorite place to look for stationery finds. You have a wide selection of designs and colors with fun features like metallic foils to make your card stand out in the pile.

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising is my go-to printers for pretty much everything. If you don’t purchase your photos after a shoot from me, then I ALWAYS recommend these guys. Even I had my wedding album printed by them. Their designs are much more minimalist and will give more focus to your photos. If you’re an old soul like me, you’ll love their classic feel.


For those looking to save, Vistaprint is a great option. They too have plenty of options and will even give you different card shapes and sizes. Their printing isn’t as high quality as Minted or Artifact uprising but they’ll get the job done and keep everything in your budget.