Creating a Cohesive Brand

September 7, 2020
Creating a Cohesive Brand

Creating a cohesive brand is the key to transitioning from just any old brand to a successful brand. 

It sounds simple enough and yet when we show up online it’s easy to forget the exact fonts you’ve been using, your color palette, and the imagery that isn’t just a great shot but actually aligns with your brand. I get it. As a former graphic designer and a photographer, I know the desire to show off the coolest imagery possible even if it doesn’t fit the aesthetic of what I’ve built. But restraint is what will push you to be the top in your industry. That and a killer brand strategy, which I know you’ve been working on.

Cohesion is simple once you figure out your branding aesthetic. Colors, fonts, styles of images, message, and voice are what build out your visual brand. Repeat these brand rules across your online presence and over and over again. Because let’s be real, we all need things on repeat to really grasp a concept.

The best compliment I can get is when someone says “I was scrolling through my feed and new it was a post from you without even looking at the handle”. Or “I was going to share this with you when I realized you were the one that posted it”.  These types of compliments show that you’re living up to your brand standard. You have a voice, expertise or look that is a part of your brand that when your customers see it, they know it’s you. And that my friends is what you’re going for. All the content you’re creating and the service you’re providing is about getting people to recognize you and remember you.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you continue to show up for your customers:

  • Does this imagery fit our style guide? (warm vs. cool photos, location of photos, quality of image, etc.)
  • Does my voice align with our other messaging? (Are you funny, sarcastic, serious, educational, do you say f*** in your posts?)
  • What keywords do we want to be known for? (3-4 keyword that you use over and over again so that when people describe you to a friend they says those exact words)
  • Do you see your brand colors anywhere? (Not every piece needs your brand colors, but you want to make sure they’re present in 70% of your content so that they become associated with your brand)
  • Does this content add value? (Because at the end of the day, your job as a business is to serve, so how are you showing up for your customers and not just providing fluff?)

The #1 rule in branding is cohesion. It sounds simple enough but it’s hard to remember to stay focused on it when there is something so cool or fun to share that doesn’t fit with your brand. My suggestion, share it on your personal social accounts and leave the brand presence to being strict to your brand guidelines. 

You’ll thank me later.

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