Podcast 7: Consistency In Your Brand

September 9, 2020
Consistency in your Brand

Growing your business is like growing a garden- stick with me here. You need consistency in taking care of your garden from when you water, to the quality of water to the environment you’re are growing your plants in. Yes, growing a garden and growing a business is pretty much the same thing. So here is what you need to create consistency in your brand and have more impact on your customers.

Stick to a Schedule

On social media, you might post every day but a blog or newsletter will happen only 1-2x a week. You know how much content you can create so pick a schedule and stick to it. I find batch creating is the easiest to stay ahead of things and get all your content into your calendar. Instead of setting aside 3 times a week to write 3 blog posts, I sit down and create them all at once to save time later. Same with schedule Instagram or creating Podcast episodes. Do what you need to do to stick to your content schedule because from now on, it’s the gospel. You will publish on those days and show up for your audience.

Provide Value

Showing up for your audience means providing value. You aren’t just pushing publish to hit a deadline. You are pushing publish because you know that the content you created will add value to your customer’s life. Consistency isn’t only about showing up, it’s about serving. So to have consistency in your brand you need to consistently be providing value!

Let’s take a social media example about publishing for the sake of publishing vs. adding value.

Say you are looking to buy a jacket from a fair trade clothing line. You check out their social media and see that they posted recently, which tells you that they are still in business and looking to sell. You like what you see but you want to know more, you want to connect with this brand. So you look at the caption and it says “Happy Friday” or “More coffee lease”. Does that add value? Do you feel more connected to this brand? No, of course not.

Instead, what if the caption highlighted the 3 things to ask about a brand before purchasing. Or sharing the story of the person who made your jacket. Now you’re interested!

Which post are you most likely to engage with? Which account are you more likely to follow? The one that connected with you. The one that educated you. The one that gave you value.

Your schedule then should be dictated by how much HIGH-QUALITY content you can create in a given time. It’s a tango between the two. You need to be on schedule and you need to be providing value. Ask yourself “is this bringing value to my customer’s life” before you hit publish.

Cohesive branding

And my favorite part of creating consistency in your brand comes down to cohesion. It’s not just about posting images that look cool but posting imagery that connects with your overall brand. Images that match your style guide and are easy to know that they came from you. You can include your color palette with quote graphics or elements in a newsletter that highlight you brand colors.

All of these elements are triggers to your customer to remind them of you and bring your brand back to the front of their minds. Make sure that without seeing a logo or reading anything they know from the visuals that this is coming from your brand.

Consistency In Your Brand

This may seem repetitive but here’s the thing, you have to stick to it. A plant doesn’t grow in a day, or a week or a month. Neither will your business. It takes time for growth to accumulate but as you continue to put in the work, show up and add value, and be there for your customers, you’ll find that growth is happening, and when you look back you won’t believe how far you’ve come.

Brand consistency can feel overwhelming when you are in the brand on a day-to-day basis. That’s where my brand review comes in. I take on the role of your customers and navigate through your entire digital presence to give you the tips and insights that only an expert will know so that you can unify your brand and make a bigger impact. Learn more about my brand review and schedule a call with me to get started.