Content Marketing Strategy That Converts

May 10, 2021
Content Marketing Strategy

There’s a difference between just throwing content out there to have something posted and creating content that converts. The difference is value. Having a content marketing strategy that converts means creating value in your content and building trust with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a simple idea. Your job as a business owner is to ALWAYS be providing value. From the product you sell, to the experience you create, to the resources you share online, everything needs to provide value. Because no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of solving a problem.

Many business owners get stuck at the content creation phase, unsure of what to post or share. And there’s one place I always bring them back to–What are your most frequently asked questions?

What Questions Did You Have

What questions did you have at the beginning when you started your business? You know, the days before you knew all that you do now. The question that started this business in the first place? Think back to the pain points you were facing and what you wanted to know then. Write it all down and see what content you can create from these questions. How can you take your customers from the same point you were back then, to where you are now. That’s the journey they’re looking for. Guide them to the finish line.

Questions You’re Asked

Of course, nothing will beat the questions that you are asked on a daily or weekly basis. Whether you hear your customers ask it in the shop or comment on social with similar questions, you get repeat questions. Any question that gets asked more than once (and sometimes even once) is one that you need to be building content around. At the very least, to have a link you can send them to give them more information. At the very most, to show up in search results when your ideal customer is looking for answers.

Google Research

The last place I go for content ideas is Google. Where else? Type in any one of the questions you had or you get from your customers into Google and you’ll see results for “People also ask” with a list of similar questions. Click through these and get more ideas of what you can be educating your audience on. And if you want to go the extra mile, create one blog post that answers a handful of these questions to perform better with SEO.

Content Marketing Strategy

From blog posts, to videos, to social posts, answering the questions of your audience provides value and more importantly provides trust. And when you are trying to turn followers into customers and grow a business that actually makes money, then trust is the most important ingredient.

Show your customers you know what you’re talking about. Provide them comfort in knowing more about your brand. And give them the education they need to make a great decision (i.e. buying from your brand!)

Content creation doesn’t have to be complex it just needs to serve. So what questions is your audience asking?

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