How To Create A Powerful Landing Page

November 26, 2020
Create a powerful landing page

In most cases, your website is the home to your customers. It’s there to answer all their burning questions like when are you open, what do you provide but most importantly how will you solve my problem? When it comes to building landing pages that will convert your audience there’s only one thing you need to think about; them. Your website isn’t about you and your products. It’s 100% about your customers and their problems. So in my experience as a marketing director and now a brand strategist for a handful of brands, this is how you create a powerful landing page.

Start with the Problem

When we look at the heroes journey in storytelling it all starts with someone who has a problem. Harry Potter had to survive countless attempts at his life and then have the big showdown with Lord Voldemort. Frodo Baggins had to go on a epic years long journey to mount doom to destroy the ring. Cinderella had no way of breaking free from her life of slavery to get her happily ever after. Then enters the guide. Dumbledore, Gandalf, and a fairy godmother all guide these heroes to their epic endings.

When it comes to your brand, your customer is the hero with a problem and you are the guide showing them the way to the happily ever after.

How does apply to your landing page? You start with the problem they’re facing. What pain point is happening in their life that they need your brand. For example a yoga studio wouldn’t just provide a workout but stress-relief, community, self-care, rest, or connection with themselves. They help you return back to who you really are after the world has tried to tell you who you should be. Or perhaps you sell handmade candles, then you sell a cozy evening with your loved ones, a smell that makes all guests feel welcome, the perfect housewarming gift to say welcome home.

Think about why your customers need your products or service. How does this benefit them? That pain point is the launching pad for you to create a powerful landing page. {Expert Level: You can always have multiple landing pages so make each page dedicated to 1 pain point}

The About Section Has Nothing To Do With You

This is the next part where brands get stuck–The about section. What confuses people is that this part of your website or part of your landing page has NOTHING to do with you.

“But it’s ABOUT me, how can it have nothing to do with me?”

The about section is still about your customers. You talk about you as it applies to their pain point and what they need. When Cinderella’s fairy godmother came into the story we didn’t hear about how he dad never approved of her becoming a godmother and the difficulties of fairy godmother school. We learned what she could do and how it would help Cinderella. And that’s what your about section is going to do.

Instead of listing all your credentials (unless your a therapist, lawyer, or doctor) stick with the things that apply to the customer. You can talk about how long you’ve been in business, the number of people you’ve helped, and how your products/services have been used. Talk about the struggles your customers have, empathize with them explaining that those same reasons are why you started this business and then highlight how you’ll make their lives better.

Create a Powerful Landing Page

Showcase Who You’ve Worked With

You’ll need social proof on your landing page that shows your customers you know what you’re doing and you have the experience to prove it. Whether you highlight the logos of brands you’ve worked with or have testimonials of your customers, make space for social proof.

I usually like to limit logos to 6-9 and testimonials to less than 5 on any one page. If you can get your customers to take testimonial videos these are the most powerful for you. The videos can be shared on all social platforms and you can transcribe them to use as written testimonials two. So always thing video first and written second.

How To Create A Powerful Landing Page

Okay, you have 3 of the big key items for your page. Now you need to put it together.

We start with a banner image that highlights clearly who you are and what you do with a button that calls them to action.

How to create a powerful landing page

From there you scroll down to your product offerings. Usually only 2 or three are listed in columns here and you want to add a short (keyword – SHORT) description that connects with your customers pain points. These should then be linked to individual landing pages that go deeper into description of how this product/service relieves that pain point with photos of happy customers.

The next section is our about section. A high-quality, professional photo of you and your team that lets your audience know exactly who they’re working with. Next to that, you share a short paragraph about the pain point that started this company and how you solve your customers problems. You can link this page to another landing page that goes more in-depth the team, the process and behind the scenes footage of how your products are made with video testimonials too.

After the about section, you can share logos of brands you’ve worked with.

Then you get to the 3 step plan.

What 3-4 steps do your customers need to take in order to get to their happily ever after? For me its

  • Schedule a 30-min intro call (My call to action throughout the page)
  • Develop your Story – Getting clear on who you are and who your brand is
  • Connect with Your Customers – Have a strategy that builds lifelong customers.

These steps should be short and sweet and get you from here to there easily. Don’t overthink it.

Finally you finish up with Testimonials either written out or in video from and if you have a newlsetter give them a way to sign up for your newsletter.

Whether you’re building a homepage or a general landing page, this layout still applies. You can choose if you want your about section on sales pages or if you’d rather keep it focused on just the problem and your solution. But know that there isn’t a wrong way to do this, there is what works. Test it out, move things around, change the colors of buttons, improve your call to action, and see what works for you. Every audience is different. Trial and error is essential to building out a solid marketing strategy.

I love this framework because it keeps things clear, simple and really allows your customers to know how their lives will be different with you in it. And that my friends, is how you build lifelong customers!

Want more support in your brand strategy and on how to create a powerful landing page? I’ve got you covered. Sign-up for my FREE 30-minute intro call and ask me any branding questions you have.