Identify Your Customer’s Pain Points

March 22, 2021
Customer Pain Points

As a brand you’re here to solve problems. It doesn’t matter what you sell. You saw an area of the market that wasn’t working and you created something to fix that gap. So what wasn’t working that you decided to solve? That right there is the beginning to your customer’s pain points. But wait, there’s more!

When I start working with a new client, we talk a lot about who their audience is and why they are coming to them. What makes your followers follow you on social? Why would someone sign up for you newsletter? Most importantly, why are people handing you money?

The answer always comes back to the pain point you solve. Whether it’s helping them fulfill the dream they have about themselves, providing a product that meets their day to day needs, or simply being the source that lets the feel better about themselves, you are helping them with their pains.

How to Identify Customer Pain Points

When it comes to your customer’s pain points they come up in three different ways.

  1. The Literal Pain Point: It’s the problem that is the most obvious.
  2. The Internal Problem: How does this problem make your customer feel? Or what are they feeling in general that your products could help solve
  3. The Philosophical: Why is this unjust?

Customer Pain Points Examples

Let’s give you an example of this say you need a new sweater but only want to purchase from a fair trade company.

  1. You need a fair trade sweater
  2. You feel guilt over buying products that don’t align with your values and what you’re doing to the environment. There’s also a feeling of embarrassment by your sweater that’s covered in holes.
  3. You deserve to be able to have new clothes that support your life and the planet. OR The planet deserves to be cared for without the expense to your wardrobe.

I took the physical item you needed and went two steps deeper to talk about the problems you’re really facing. Because when it comes to problems, they usually aren’t as surface level as we make them out to be. They go a lot deeper.

How do You Address Customer Pain Points?

Think about your customers and why they buy from you. What are their pain points? Why do they come back to you and not go to your competitors? What things do your lifelong customers continue to say that you do for them? I can almost guarantee it’s not just that you give them a product. It’s probably about the way you make them feel, how you support them, or the ways you match their values.

When you discover what your customers pain points are (try to focus on the top 3 internal or philosophical ones) talk about them in your marketing. Add it to your homepage, discuss it on social, mention it in your newsletter. You can state their pain points directly by saying, “You deserve to be able to have new clothes that support your life and the planet” or “Stop feeling guilting about buying products that don’t align with your values”. Or you can touch on them in your copy or blog posts. Have a blog post that’s called why your closet needs sustainable fashion. Showcase the benefits of buying sustainably to ease their guilt of buying new without necessarily saying “this is your pain”.

The last way to build content around your customer’s pain points is to listen to your customers. What do they complain about most? That right there could be what you need to write about in your captions and on your blog. What questions do you hear again and again? And most importantly, what are the things that you customers rave about you? When you hear praise it means you’ve solved the problem and that’s just as important to note in your content marketing!

Highlight their pain so they can recognize it and know how important it is to work with you so they can have their problems solved. And most importantly, you need to solve it.

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