Success Is Born From Stellar Customer Service

July 12, 2021
Customer Service

The stories that touch our hearts are the ones that show compassion. Stories that bring out the real humanity in us reminding us that we’re all just people. These same stories come through in our customer service. The saying “the customer is always right” isn’t just about trying to get good reviews. It’s a reminder that the customers are why are we are here. Every business is a service business in that regard.

You developed a brand that had the sole purpose of solving a problem, of serving someone else’s needs. So when it comes to your customer service, that same thought process needs to be top of mind. You are here for your customers; to make their lives easier, to put a smile on their face, to solve a problem.

Just take any one of these amazing customer service stories. In reading them you’re probably smiling (or tearing up if you’re anything like me). When we put humanity back into our business and let go of all the streamlining and push for the bottom line, we come back to why we started this business in the first place, to serve. Don’t get me wrong, having systems makes your life easier, but when they don’t serve your customer service too, they aren’t serving your business.

This week I encourage you to come up with at least one way you can go out of your way to provide amazing customer service. Think about the ways you’ve felt taken care of by the brands you love. Try those out in your own business. Maybe that’s giving a complimentary gift to your best customers, or reaching out to your long-time customers to see how you can make your brand even better for them, or perhaps its contacting anyone who’s ever left you a bad review so you can make it better.

However you approach your customer service, remember that we’re all just people and the purpose of your brand is to make someone else’s life a little bit easier.


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