Daily Affirmations

July 31, 2018
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The trending #MantraMonday is growing by the day; even if it isn’t Monday. It’s an idea that a beautiful phrase said over and over again will somehow change us. And in some ways it does. There is a way of rewiring your brain to let go of negativity to embrace positive thinking and to help you stay relaxed in hard times. To successfully rewire the brain we meditate and a mantra, a Sanskrit word that resembles more of a sound, directs your meditation in different ways.

However, these happy phrases that we add to our life still provide value. They’re just labeled wrong. These are affirmations. And I’m a huge fan of them. In Deepak Chopra’s latest book “The Healing Self” he talks about the areas in our life that need to be strong in order for us to live a happy and healthy life, aside from eating healthy and moving our bodies. A few of these areas include feeling safe in your environment, having a community that loves and supports you, being in an environment that encourages your health and happiness and being content with who you are.

I have not official training in meditation. I use my Insight Timer every morning for 10 minutes and listen to the sounds of streams of waters as I try and become unattached to my thoughts. However, every meditation starts with me saying in my head or out loud these seven affirmations.

I expect to be happy and well
I am supported by my friends and family
I am loved. Therefore I love
I feel safe and secure
If a problem arises, I am up to the challenge
I am enough, exactly as I am
I accept myself

Each one touches an area of my life but also states something I can believe. If the statement isn’t accurate for you, it won’t do anything for you. Instead, tweak these statements, or only choose 1 or 2 affirmations total, and use them in your life. Take a break in the day when you feel stressed to close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and then say your affirmations.

It’s interesting how something so simple can change the way you think. Combine it with meditation, and it’s incredible to see how much your world can change.

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