Date Night: Dance Lessons

April 19, 2020
Fashion Illustration

For years I’ve asked my husband to learn how to dance with me. While I took hip-hop classes a hundred years ago in my adolescence and found what it means to be comfortable with your own body, I’ve never formally trained with someone on how to move together. And as an Enneagram 3 and born leader, it might be a good lesson for me to learn to not be the one taking the lead for once.

As our date nights have become a little stale over the weeks stuck at home, we’ve done our best to keep life entertaining and exciting when restaurants are closed, travel plans are canceled and any event you dreamt of possibly attending has been postponed…indefinitely. Yeah, you could say that date nights these days are starting to dwindle and we all need to keep that fire alive so we don’t pull each other’s hair out.

Grab your dancing shoes because it’s date night!

No matter how often we’ve thought about it over the years, learning to dance never made the top of the priority list until now. With the need to connect on something other than Netflix tv shows we’ve brought out the YouTube videos to learn some East Coast Swing moves in hopes of showing off when all of this is over. And lucky for us, it seems we’re going to have a lot of time to practice before we’ll be able to stand in the limelight.

While there are thousands of dance videos to find on the internet I’ve always put quality at the top of my list for anything. Between videography, sound, and personality there is very view of these videos that could keep my attention long enough to teach me anything. However, I think I’ve finally found the one that we’ll be playing on repeat until we get these steps down.

Whether you use the video below or another, I hope date night this week is filled with laughs over missteps, smiles, dips and lots of kisses. The way date nights are supposed to be.