Date Night: Dog Park

June 13, 2020
Date Night Ideas

We have been dreaming of having a dog since we first started dating. Stories of our pups from childhood have filled the conversations over the years and we knew that after we got married and bought a bigger house it would be time to finally get our dream pup (A westie, just like the dog I grew up with.) When Winter hit this year, I told Clayton I couldn’t wait any longer. I had a new job where my hours were flexible and I could work from home and who cares that we lived in a 900 square foot apartment? I needed a puppy in my life and I needed it now.

Fast forward to Christmas, having lost my grandmother and balancing the chaos that was starting to build we finally got our dream dog. A trip to the airport with my mom and nephew to pick up this cute little 5-pound baby. It would be less than a week later that we would decide to move into our dream house. (Turns out that the whole having a puppy in a condo in the middle of winter does make a huge difference.)

Find the little things you can do together and make sure you’re fully present for them. That’s what makes it a date night.

Ready to get our of the house we decided this date night would be for three. Like all fancy dates, we loaded the car with poop bags, balls, and leash and we made the adventure to the dog park. Sitting on Clayton’s lap in the car Mozi’s excitement grew and the experience of having his head out the window probably would have been enough for him that night. But no, he was about to find his happy place.

Our dog park sits on top of a hill that looks over all of South Denver and the foothills. To say that it’s a spectacular view is an understatement. If there were less slobber and poop around us, you would have thought we were on a romantic picnic to watch the sunset. But for us, this was just as good.

Mozi was the only dog there that was less than 40 lbs (he weighs 8 lbs) but that didn’t stop him from trying to run with the big dogs (and seemingly get trampled over every time.) Finally, his day was made when a 4.5 month French that also weighed 8 lbs showed up to play. Together Clayton and I just watched the view and laughed at our silly pup, more interested in making friends with the humans instead of the dogs except for his newfound bestie, the Frenchie.

For us, a date night doesn’t have to be a 5-star restaurant or an epic trip to a tropical island. Those are great on the rare occasion, but just having dedicated time to spend together and experience life is what we want for our relationship. It’s how you make date night a tangible option every single week (and affordable after buying a puppy and a house in the same month). Find the little things you can do together and make sure you’re fully present for them. That’s what makes it a date night.