Why I Dress Up Every Day

April 4, 2020
Dress up when you work from home

When I was 5 years old I would wear every piece of jewelry I owned. I wore my shoes on the wrong feet because I found that comfortable (for whatever reason) and I liked to mix patterns, at lot. It was clear, I was always meant to have a love for fashion. We make fun of this now (having learned that less is more and the right way to mix patterns) but it says a lot about who we were before the world told us who to be.

I was creative and confident. 

At 5 years old I knew what I’m relearning now, other people’s opinions don’t matter and I should take on the world in a way that makes me feel good. Which is why I dress up every single day.

I don’t work for companies that have a dress code, it’s usually noted that I’m the nicest dressed in the room. I also don’t have amazing designer pieces that I must show off to the world (Okay I have 1 or 2 that were the most incredible gifts but they only come out on rare occasion anyway.) I follow two rules when it comes to my wardrobe – Life is short so wear the things that bring you joy AND dress for the job you want. Now given, my dream job is running my own business, helping women embrace their confidence but I see that version of me in a great suit or a dress that only Audrey Hepburn could rock.

As we experience a whole new world right now (the age of Corona Virus) I think it’s more now that is was a few months ago to have fun playing in your closet again. Get excited about the outfit you’ll put on even if your colleagues only see your top half on Zoom or your husband is the only one to see it the whole look. Honey, you’ll see it. If no one sees you wearing your favorite shoes, did you even wear them? YES! because you saw yourself in them. You felt confident with every step you took in them even if you changed shoes halfway through the day because your feet hurt. Working from home makes dressing up even easier because you can change your mind any time throughout the day.

So as you prepare for another week or quarantine, or any week of your life, think about dressing for the role you want. Or even better, think about being a kid again and getting creative with your wardrobe. Try new combinations, experiment with color. Be like my 5-year-old niece who goes through at least 4 outfits a day because she gets so excited about a dress she just remembered she has. (Riley, if only we could all dress like you!)

Confidence comes with experience, the more you start playing with your wardrobe the more confident you’ll feel with what you have in your closet. And that my friend, is why I dress up every day no matter what!

(Challenge yourself to dressing up with the 10×10 challenge. 10 articles of clothing for 10 days to show you just how far your wardrobe can go).