My Favorite Editing Apps For Your Phone

May 10, 2018
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I remember teaching myself Photoshop before I ever knew I wanted to be a photographer. I focused more on the graphics I could create to add to the clothing line I had started in high school.

Years later, after the clothing line, I fell into photography and saw the benefits of being able to edit photos outside of iPhoto (now Photos).

A few years later I was introduced to Lightroom where I could not only edit my images but organize them, and I was hooked!

This editing software was everything I could ever want for my professional grade photos, but when I started using my iPhone as a second camera for everyday life and a great way to build extra content for my social feeds, I needed something new.

I tried using Lightroom on my phone, but it was just too much. I liked being able to have full control over the image but with a small file, you can’t do as much. So now I use two different apps to edit my photos. Usually, one right after the other before I post to Instagram.


Snapseed is the dummies version of Photoshop for your phone. It allows you to heal blemishes, change exposure, increase or decrease the saturation or dodge and burn with their brush tool. You can add filters (although, I wouldn’t reccomend any of the filters on this app), add a vignette, increase/decrease the exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness, shadows and so on. You have full control over your images to fix small problems or change the entire look and feel all together!

After you’ve fixed that zit and made the background exposure even (my top two fixes), then it’s time for the fitlers.


If you haven’t heard of VSCO, it’s not only a provider of filter presets but a community of photographers. You aren’t just limited to getting filters for your phone but can get them for Lightroom too.

When I first started using VSCO, I bought individual packs of filters (3-5 in a bunch) that worked for my style. Now they provide you with all of them for a few dollars a month. Here’s the biggest tip when it comes to filters. Choose 3.

No more.

If you are using these photos for your business you want to have cohesion; you want a look.

Choose 3.

When you are editing photos for yourself to post on your personal Facebook page, the sky is the limit. But for your business . . .

Choose 3!

If you love these phone photography resources, then you’ll the full 7-Days to Phone Photography For Your Business. It’s a great resource for improving your photography, creating great content for your social media and of course learning how to tell your story to connect with your audience. What are you waiting for?


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