Podcast 5: Do you need an Email Newsletter?

August 26, 2020
Why Your Brand Needs An Email Newsletter

I’m in a lot of Facebook Groups for business. I like to see the conversations around marketing that people are having and the questions the facing. I caught a thread that talked about how everyone hated newsletters and found them to be the equivalent to spam. The thread went on and on about how it doesn’t serve their business and that they’re just spending money on a list that doesn’t convert. It’s a waste of time and money and that they’ll be sticking with social media going forward. They weren’t convinced that you do need an email newsletter in your marketing.

Hit the brakes.

I get it. So many of us have a newsletter that we don’t see traction on. We spend money on ads to get sign up, we create a newsletter every couple of weeks, or maybe even every week and yet still aren’t seeing the results we want. But friends, does that really mean that they don’t work? Or could it be that you haven’t found the way to connect with your audience yet?

Your newsletter has so much power! It might not look the same way it did 10 years ago. Engagement rates are decreasing on newsletters, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still work. And more importantly that doesn’t mean that the engagement rate isn’t higher than on social, because it is.

The power behind a newsletter is that you own your followers. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, if social media disappears tomorrow, your entire following is just gone. But when you have an email list you have the power to keep selling and keep offering value. And that right there is the trick to the email newsletter. Are you providing value?

We often get in the cycle of selling. Trying to hit goals, make money, and grow. But none of that is possible without giving value away. Your newsletter shouldn’t be a list of all the things they need to buy. It needs to be tailored to your audience hitting their pain and pleasure points.

Personally, I subscribe to a lot of newsletters. Blogs, magazines, stores, I follow them all for different reasons. They are consistent in the content they share with me which is keeping in the contract that they promised when I signed up. For my email I get this type of content. As soon as that changes, my email goes away.

Every newsletter is different and is based on your product/service and brand. But try experimenting with new ways of reaching out to your audience as well as freebies to grow your audience. Write captivating subject lines that make your customers want to open their email. And be consistent in the time you send and the valuable content you provide. After a few months, check and see how your email is converting. Any growth is a good sign.

On this podcast episode of The Katie Leigh Show, I continue to talk about the power of email newsletters and why you do need an email newsletter in your marketing strategy. So grab your headphones and notepad and let’s talk marketing strategy.