Best Email Newsletter Services For Your Business

August 28, 2020
Best Email Newsletter Services

If you missed Episode 5 of my podcast, you’ll want to catch up on that here and see why you need a newsletter in your marketing strategy. To put it simply it’s a strong strategy to connect with warm leads and an extra way to add value to your customers lives. Now that you’re ready to start growing your list, here are the best email newsletter services to get you started.


I’ve tried to find other newsletters systems that I like more than Mailchimp but for your basic everyday newsletter that doesn’t need to be automated with purchase from your website, this is by far my favorite. Mailchimp offers a great free account for those with less than 2,000 subscribers. The Free plan also allows for automated emails, templates, surveys and landing pages which have all been super helpful in my own business. Of course, if you’re ready to upgrade your plans they range from $9-299 a month and do allow for multiple lists as well as some other additional features.


ConvertKit is the system I would like to switch to but prefer to be on a free account for now as I’m still growing my list. Therefore, their only pricing option is $29 a month and provides all the features. Get high-quality templates, land pages and forms, Integrate with Shopify, Zapier, Stripe, and more. ConvertKit has become the favorite system for bloggers and service-based businesses mostly because the visuals of the layouts are so strong.

This is the Cadillac of the email newsletter services. While one of the more expensive options it’s for good reason. The A/B testing, and automated campaigns go in-depth and give you so much freedom to create. The templates are beautiful but the freedom to create your own look and feel is pretty limitless. It integrates with Zapier to then integrate with Shopify but has a few of it’s own integrations as well. By far the best part of this software is the segmentation based on events (abandoned cart, Purchases, type of purchase, etc.) I love this system and all it’s capabilities, but you’ll pay a premium for it starting at $150 a month.

From free to pricey there’s an email newsletter for you and depending on your needs will decide what you need. If you sell a product from your website, I highly suggest an email software that can send automated emails based on purchase actions. These help create more conversions and keep your brand front of mind for your customers. ConverKit and would be great choices for your brand. As a service-based business you really need one-off emails and an automated sales email funnel MailChimp will work wonders for you!

Whatever email newsletter service you choose remember the two keys to making it work for your busines – provide value and be consistent. From there, your growth is limitless!