When Things Don’t Go As Planned, Embrace The Adventure

January 22, 2018

This year I seem to be doing a lot of traveling; leaving every couple of weeks for a new adventure and a new state. (Hopefully, some new countries will be in my future too!) Before I leave for a trip I like to do a little research on where I’m going, the activities I’ll be doing and getting a better idea of what kinds of photos I’ll be taking while I’m there. Having a plan of action for photos always makes the photos better. I give good thought to which lenses, camera body, and accessories I think I’ll need for each situation. When I’m on a trip I usually have limited luggage space meaning that going light of gear makes a lot of difference.

On my most recent trip to Utah I had hopes of capturing the hot springs cave we went to, the ice castle we going to invade and of course as much snow as possible to add to my winter theme on Instagram. What I didn’t expect was that the steam from the hot springs would make photos pointless, and the tight quarters were a little too small for my the lens sizes I have and we only went to the ice castle at night during the closing night party – a dangerous place to have expensive camera gear. But the biggest disappointment was that Utah had just as much snow as Colorado does right now…none! Needless to say, all of the photos I had planned out and dreamed up, didn’t come to fruition.

What did end up happening was a prime seat on the airplane with a cloudless sky and views that were only to be described as jaw-dropping. It wasn’t something I had planned, but the photographs from the plane were the highlight of my trip. The snow-capped¬†Rockies from a birds-eye view was something I don’t get the chance to capture very often. An hour-long flight meant no sleep an all picture taking, both on my camera and my phone.

What this trip taught me is that when it comes to adventures planning only gets you so far. You can be prepared to get the perfect shot, but it doesn’t always line up for you. On the other hand, you can not plan ahead and have the perfect circumstances put in front of you. In life, there will always be twists and turns. Plan for what you can and know that it will never go your way. It’s a concept I’m continuing to work on since I’m a type A personality and like to have everything planned and organized. I’m bummed that the photos I dreamed of didn’t pan out, but the photos I had no idea about ended up being ones I’m super proud of and are something very different for me.

Embrace the adventure, wherever it takes you. Whether you have a plan or not.



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