Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

March 8, 2020
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Basic Fear: Being bad/corrupt
Basic Desire: To be good
Healthy: Enneagram 7 (let themselves off the hook)
Unhealthy: Enneagram 4 (Believe they are alone)

For those lucky enough to be a type one you’re sure to have high standards and a moral compass unlike any other. In fact, your morals are so great that one’s are pretty much the only number you’ll never find in prison (just a fun fact for you).

The Perfectionist is often lead by thoughts of “should”, “ought”, and, “must” and are much harder on themselves than anyone else could ever be on them. They fear mistakes and often are the ones to point out how you’re doing it wrong, to ensure that things are done the right way. This can also lead to anger from unmet expectations or needs.

You’ll notice that type ones are very detail-oriented and have a hard time deciding. They need all the information and to be totally clear on something before they can make a decision. This is often because they can’t live with making the wrong decision.

If you’re in a relationship with a one here are some things to remember:

  • Remember the details and take the time to do small gestures. These stand out in a one’s mind.
  • Admit when you are wrong immediately.
  • Ones like what they know, try exposing them to knew things and expanding their horizon.
  • This type will feel guilty if they are having too much fun, remind them that there is space for work and fun in their lives.
  • Ones  like their own time to work on their passions which means it’s important to have your own interests away from them.
  • When a one is stressed they go back to black and white thinking. Help them to see the gray areas.
  • When you have the commitment of a one know that they loyal and put a high value on family.
  • The biggest struggle of a one is that they care what others think, you or the person on social media. Be sure to share the things you love most about them and remind them of how wonderful they really are.
  • When you have feedback to give them, start with what they are doing right and then tell them what they need to work on.

The One on the enneagram is a very special person. It’s because of them that the world will be a better place. If only they knew how amazing they are.