Using the Advertising Space in Facebook Cover Photos

May 30, 2018
Facebook Cover Photos

Yesterday I sat and stared at my Facebook business page wondering why it wasn’t connecting with me. I recognize that the disconnect isn’t the top reason for my lower engagement, that’s been my lack of posting and effort when it comes to Facebook. But even with that there still felt like there was something off.

Story–That’s what was missing from my Facebook page. I see all of social media as a doorway into a brand. It’s there that we get a sneak peek at what this company is all about and if we want to be a part of their story. Your profile image and cover photo are a small hello to your audience. They won’t be game-changers, but they’re one more place where you can evoke an emotion and tell your audience who you are.

These two things are just paintings on the wall, but trust me, some good paintings can change the way a room feels.

I realized that the photos I had on my Facebook page didn’t connect with my brand. It didn’t match my fonts or tell my story. If you looked at my Facebook page and then at my website, you might not have known It was the same brand.

These are of course small details, but with Canva and their premade templates, there’s no reason to have that disconnect. I want my audience to feel at home wherever they go. I want to them to know what to expect when they land on any Katie Leigh page, and that’s why those little details become so important. The devil is in the details, as they say.

Here are a couple of ideas to spruce up your Facebook page and make one more place of connection with your audience.

  1. Embrace the Canva Facebook Cover Photo templates
  2. Use the same or similar images that are already on your website
  3. Got a video? Facebook now allows videos in the Cover photo, and it’s incredible. Remember that on a desktop it’s cropped a little funny, but on mobile, you’ll see the whole thing.
  4. Use the sliders! Don’t have one cover photo, make 3 or 5 images that tell your story or showcase some of your new products.
  5. Update your cover photos monthly to show new deals, new products or just to freshen things up
  6. Don’t forget your profile photo – every time this is updated it goes out to even more of your audience. Give that a monthly update too!

Your Facebook cover photo is a great place to get creative and show off who your brand really is. With all the new features there are tons of different ways to tell stories. Play around and try new things, but don’t let this valuable advertising space go to waste!