Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 15, 2020
Father's Day Gift Guide

Holidays that involve gift-giving often leave me with anxiety. That doesn’t say much since I often have anxiety, but the need to give the perfect gift often leaves me feeling paralyzed. The art of combining the right price and getting something of value feels like an endless game of cat and mouse. But then, after hours of searching and thinking, you find the gift that’s perfect. The one you know will leave them feeling seen, loved, and appreciated. For me, that’s always the goal, Father’s day gift included.

For Christmas this year my dad asked for 1 thing. He didn’t want us to spend money, there weren’t any tangible things that he wanted or needed. While a clay handprint was cute when we were 5 it definitely was something he wanted from us as adults. No, what he wanted was our most cherished memories and a donation to a cause that was dear to him.

It’s the perfect gift for a dad. A chance to relive the memories that mean the most to you. Memories your parents spent time, money, and energy trying to create so that you’d have them for the rest of your life. And now you get to share them. If you want to add something extra you can donate to a cause that’s dear to their heart.

If however, you’re wanting something a little more extravagant this year to show your dad how much he means to you on Father’s Day, then these ideas are just for you.

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