Find Rest in Your Business

December 23, 2020
Find Rest in Your Business

In Christmas movies and holiday memories we think of December as being this time of rest. The world slows down after a crazy Summer of playing in the sun. Things slow down as we return back to school. And come to an all of a sudden stop when we hit Christmas vacation and find rest for 2 weeks before starting back up again.

As adults, we often lose this time of rest. Work builds up right after Thanksgiving as we prepare for the holidays or the end of the year. Selling, shipping, moving and promoting become our world whether we own a business or are working for one. Add on top of that the need to make the holidays feel perfect for the children in our lives. We stress over making it special for friends and family far or near. Even if we aren’t seeing all our family this year, there is still pressure to make this year special.

Needless to say, it’s a lot.

There doesn’t seem to be as much rest as there used to be and we can feel it in our bones.

This week, as things start to slow down at work, find rest in your business The buying is coming to a stop as families start wrapping their gifts and are getting ready to drop them off with their new owners in time for Christmas. Use this time, this slowing down, to find stillness. Take a deep breath and really feel into this moment, the calming after the storm.

We get so wrapped up in doing, in running off to the next thing that we forget to be. To be in this moment, to appreciate what’s happening now, to take stock in how you are feeling, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

This month I started a new practice where I bought a new journal and sit down every morning for just a minute or two and take stock in how I’m doing in those three areas. I pay attention to how my body feels. Do I have energy? does something hurt? Then I see where I am emotionally. What emoji would I use to describe my feelings? Can I elaborate on that? and finally, where am I spiritually? What thoughts do I have about faith, or the divine or however you describe your spirituality.

It’s not much, just a moment in the morning to be present and to fully slow down. It’s a first step to rest, and during the busier seasons it might be the only rest you find in your day. But it’s worth it.

Use this slowing down time to find rest in your business and build a habit you can use when things build back up. How can you find rest today?

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