Date Night: Game Night

May 2, 2020
Date Night Ideas - Game Night

Laughter that fills the air like the smell of cookies coming out of the oven, an energy that keeps you awake long after your usual bedtime and a connection that reminds you why you fell in love in the first place. No, this isn’t your wedding night, nor is the night you first met. It’s game night, the date night idea you’ve been looking for. And even game night for two can be a night for the memory books.

Whether you’re going to the arcade down in the city or staying at home to play games just the two of you, game night was made to bring people closer together. Almost every great memory of family gatherings or childhood shenanigans revolved around board games and card games. There is something about these simple tools that bring people together and it’s true for your relationship too.

From class board games from our childhood to card games on our honeymoon to playing my favorite Super Nintendo games, we like to keep it fresh with a game night and have a few go-to suggestions to make your next date night one that will bring you closer and leave you smiling.

Game Night Ideas

Take it back to the classics with a deck of cards and some classic games. While on honeymoon in Cuba, we didn’t have TV for the 10 days we were there. Therefore, reading in bed or playing cards were what we did when we weren’t roaming the city. Part of the fun of cards is trying to remember the rules to the games you played as kids, but if you want the actual rules, you click on links below.

Classic Board Games

Nothing is better than bringing back your childhood memories with games you loved as a kid. Trouble, Sorry, Chute + Ladders it really doesn’t matter. If you own it or can pick it up from a thrift store, it’s worth playing. If you want to make things a little interesting set the ground rules for what the winnings are whether that’s getting to pick the next movie you watch together or finding a more intimate way to celebrate your winnings (it is date night after all!)


Video Games

If you’re into it, embrace it. I for one am not a video game player UNLESS they are from the ’80s. It’s a pretty strict rule that usually means we don’t agree on these since Clayton likes first-person games. But if you can find a game the two of you can play together and both enjoy, then have at it.



The game that never ends. Doing a puzzle is a way to keep the conversation going as you work together to accomplish the impossible. If you want to make it extra romantic, find a glow in the dark puzzle (yes, they exist) and put it together by flashlight or candlelight. It’s a fun twist on a classic activity.