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June 10, 2021
Build Trust with Testimonials

Social proof, it’s the thing we as humans need in order to build trust with anything. A new person in your community, an animal, and of course, a new brand. We want to know that it works, that it does what it says it does and it’s not going to hurt us (or scam us!) So when it comes to building trust in your brand you need social proof all over your website and social. This includes highlighting who you’ve worked with, your background as an expert–where you’ve been published or where you got your education–and the testimonials of people just like your customers. Which begs the question, how do you get testimonials?

How to Get Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials serve the same purpose and can be used interchangeably. There are also a few different ways you can collect testimonials when it comes to your brand.

Product Reviews

The first way to collect good words about your brand is with product reviews on your website. Most e-commerce sites have a widget you can add that allow your customers to write a review on the product page. This is great to have so that during the conversion process the reviews are front and center right where you customers are going to buy. If you’re anything like me, you’ll peruse these before you make a purchase from a new brand.

Collect Testimonials with a Google Form

My favorite way to create testimonials is with a Google form. This is really great for service based businesses but can work for products too. You send out an email to your customer asking them to fill out a form of 4 questions. The last question is always “Can I use your answers as a testimonial?” You will need their permission since they are filling out a private form as apposed to writing a public review on Google. These testimonials are usually used on your website and should be limited to how often you send this out. You’ll get really powerful results but you won’t get the SEO benefits that you will from Google or Yelp reviews. So direct the majority of your reviews there and every once in awhile use this method to get testimonials that speak directly to your customer’s pain points. They’ll be more useful in your marketing campaigns.

Testimonials that Convert

By using the Google form method you’ll get testimonials that will help you convert customers. Each question is curated to get you the exact testimonials you need for your brand. These testimonials are the most powerful because you are directing your customers to answer questions about the specific pain points you solve so that they really work with. Here are three examples of questions I’ve used in my testimonial form:

  • How has brand and marketing strategy helped you get clear with your brand?
  • In what ways has Katie Leigh helped your business or given you more confidence when it comes to your brand?
  • If you had a friend thinking about hiring Katie Leigh, what would you say to them?

See, by using these questions I’m gearing the answers to talk about clarity + confidence. I then have them directly talk to potential buyers about why then need to hire me. They are literally creating my marketing pitch for me. All I had to do what point them in the right direction. This is why the testimonial form is so powerful.

Examples of Testimonials

Let me show you how my customers answered each of these questions so that you get a clear understanding of how well this form of testimonaias works:

How I helped you get clear in your brand

It’s always a great exercise to reacquaint yourself with your brand. Even if you have a good awareness of your target demographic, niche and message, going through the process of defining and refining will always bring something to light for continual business growth.

Brand/Marketing strategy helped me clarify who our clients were and who they were not. This helped us make better decisions at all levels of the business.

Gaining Confidence in Your Brand

If you want to work with someone who is not all talk, but actually delivers, then Katie is your woman. I can’t even begin to tell you how comforting it is to know that she has purpose, dedication and a high-level follow through for everything from big picture to the small details.

I believe she made us more current and available to younger donors which is great. We were stuck in the dark ages when it came to social media!

What would you tell your friends?

Do it. She is worth more than whatever she’s asking.

Katie Leigh is an amazing presence and brings and energy and excitement to every project she jumps on board with. She is going to be open, honest, and truly find ways to bring success to campaign, company, or project.

Collect Testimonials and Build Trust

Testimonials are the easiest way to build trust with your audience. Keep them on the top half of your home page, include them on EVERY sales page, sprinkle them into your newsletters and social media. There is no wrong way to use a testimonial. As long as it’s true and you have permission to use it, put that thing to full use!

Katie Leigh Brand Strategist - BLOG

Katie Leigh is a brand strategist and photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. Her experience as a former graphic design and former marketing director provides a unique perspective when it comes to your brand. Whether you’re looking to find out more about your user’s experience with a brand review or want ongoing brand strategy support with a 1:1 package, Katie Leigh will give you confidence in your brand so you can connect with your audience and grow the brand of your dreams.