Get Unstuck in your brand With Brand Strategy

October 20, 2021
What is a Brand Strategist

Let me tell you a secret. there is no secret sauce to running a successful business. It’s about hiring strong people who have experience and can give you guidance and then A/B testing until you’re blue in the face.

Business owners often don’t think that they need a brand strategist, or are still confused what one is. So let’s take the mystery out of the position so you can make the educated decision if one is right for your brand.

What a Brand Strategist Does

I like to break down a brand strategist into 5 parts (at least what I do as a strategist).

  1. We define you brand story
    Who you are as a brand, who your ideal customer is and why it matters. This is by far the most important step to make sure that your message will be clear and will reach the rightaudience.
  2. Define your values
    As a strategist I want to know what you value most so that we can include it in your message as well as make sure the strategy we build doesn’t leave any disconnects. If you’re all about sustainability then finding the right materials to print on is important or making sure all your marketing is digital could be the route we take.
  3. Outline your goals
    Where do you want to take your business? Is there a certain number of sales you want to hit? A type of lifestyle you want to achieve? and mission you want to uphold? We get clear on your goals as a business to use as our way of measuring success.
  4. Create a Clear Plan
    Once we’re clear in all the aspects of your business I’ll help you develop a plan to implement your strategy. We’ll cover website, email, social, customer experience, the whole shebang to ensure that your brand is cohesive and connects with your audience.
  5. Design boundaries
    One of the things I’m passionate about that other brand strategists might not cover is creating boundaries in your business. I want to ensure that you have a work-life balance and am here to help you create customized practices that feel right for you and your brand.

As a former marketing director, graphic designer, and photographer I can help you not only get clear in your messaging but make sure the aesthetic of your brand is cohesive and helps you build a connection with your audience. You’ll get an understanding of the full marketing mix while receiving help in analyzing analytics, enhancing your creativity, and learning how to communicate your message clearly.

Who is Brand Strategy For?

While brand strategy can be applied to any business at any time, I most often see clients when they are looking to re-design the brand, start offering new products, need a boost in their revenue, or are feeling stuck and ready to hit that next level in their business.

A brand strategist simply allows you to get an expert outside opinion that brings a new perspective and gives you the confidence to make decisions in your brand. Just see what it did for Kerry, a therapist for parents:

It’s been so great working with you. You were precisely what we needed when we felt like we were drowning. Sweet, experienced, encouraging, helpful, and just enough “push” to get me to take some risks! Thank you, thank you for sharing your talents and skills when we needed them. – Kerry Stutzman, Parentologist

Are Your Ready For A Brand Strategist?

Whether you’re just starting your business or ready to take your brand to the next level, you won’t regret hiring a brand strategist. Just think of me as your business coach, visual strategist, + marketing strategist all rolled up into one (very fashionable) package.

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