Give Engagement TO Get Engagement

August 16, 2021
Give Engagement To Get Engagement

We’ve all been there…

Creating content, sharing it with the world, and hearing crickets.

It’s not a good feeling.

But there’s more to building lifelong customers than just throwing out quality content. It’s about building a relationship. So to get engagement, you need to give engagement. That’s true for whatever form of content you’re creating.

Want to get more likes on Instagram? Go like 100 different photos of accounts that fit your ideal customer. Want more comments on Facebook? Start engaging on Facebook groups and show off the knowledge that you have. Trying to build your LinkedIn account? Same old same old, start engaging with the people you follow, or the groups you think your ideal customer is in and build relationships.

Follow accounts that feel like your audience and continue to provide value over and over again.

This is the long game. It isn’t quick and easy. There are no shortcuts. But you are here to build an intentional business. That means, relationships come first, value is always at the forefront, and hard work is your middle name.


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