Give It Away: Building Recognition With Freebies

May 27, 2021
Why You Need A Freebie

There is one debate that I have again and again with brand owners and it’s the concept of freebies. There is a fear when it comes to offering something for free. That it lessens the value of your product, that people are just after the free and won’t return, and most importantly that you’re losing money to the free. Whether it’s providing free videos on social and youtube, offering a free class to your yoga studio, there is always reluctance when it comes to free.

What is a Freebie

Freebies, are something that you give away for free in exchange for an email address. So in essence they aren’t actually free but paid for with a different form of currency. Every business offers a freebie differently. From free downloads to a discount on your first purchase. This is more often than not the most popular way to grow your email list.

Is it Important to Have a Freebie?

Yes! This is important to remember because your business is getting something out of the exchange, an email to market to. Someone who will see your name in their inbox over and over again. They might open an email or two and you’ll gain their trust until they’re ready to convert. On average this can take 4-6 months. But it’s worth it if you can turn them into lifelong customers.

Freebies are the first step to building trust. This is why they’re important.

What Should My Freebie Be?

Go back to what your customer’s pain points are. What questions are you asked ALL. THE. TIME? What issues do you know that your customers are facing that you can offer a quick solution with by providing a downloaded guide or list. Maybe as a product based business you simply need them to buy once to see how great you are in which case 20% off your first purchase is the best freebie (I take this one any chance I can get!)

What your freebie is should always come back to your customer’s needs. What will add value to their lives? Here are just a few ideas

  • Top 10 ways to __________ (style your sustainable shoes, reuse your coffee grounds or make an impression on potential customers)
  • How to _______ in 5 steps (build a habit, get in shape, change your diet, update your closet)
  • A Guide to ________ (Becoming plastic-free, the city your brand is based out of, social media marketing)
  • 20% off your first purchase
  • Customized Canva templates they can copy and use
  • Customized Google sheet to help them calculate their finances
  • Video tutorial that’s password-protected on Youtube

How To Give Your Freebie Away

This is the most important part of your freebie, giving it away. You want it to be everywhere so that your customers can sign up for it and get on your email list. Add it to your social media links, put it as a button, embedded form or pop-up on your website. Talk about it in your social posts, and share it with your friends and family.

As a new business, it might be slow-rolling as you build your email list, but it will grow. You just need to keep talking about it. I also suggest trying different freebies to see which one is the best fit. Your first idea might not be your best, so experiment and see which ones connect with your audience. I do this so often I decided to just create a library of freebies to make sure that my potential customer’s needs are taken care of. You can find my library filled with resources on getting clear in your marketing, planning your social, understanding how to use social for business, and even tools to keep track of your finances. Download all these and more here.

Give Even More Away For Free

It’s not just your freebie that you should be giving away, it’s as much knowledge you can think of you should give away too. People don’t buy your knowledge, they buy what you can do for them. That’s why I try and share as much as I know as often as I can. Videos, blog posts, social posts, and more all give away my trade secrets. But when it comes to your brand you’ll want to know exactly how to apply these principles first hand, which is why you’ll sign up for a 1:1 package with me!

The benefits of giving thins away for free in you content are huge. The biggest is that they’re easy to share. So if “Sally” doesn’t buy from you but follows you and shares your video with “Fred” and then Fred buys from you, that’s a win and worth the free content.

Free helps you spread your name. Free builds trust. Free is your way of getting ahead of the competition and building the brand of your dreams.

So, what free offer will you be sharing this week?

Katie Leigh Brand Strategist - BLOG

Katie Leigh is a brand strategist and photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. Her experience as a former graphic design and former marketing director provides a unique perspective when it comes to your brand. Whether you’re looking to find out more about your user’s experience with a brand review or want ongoing brand strategy support with a 1:1 package, Katie Leigh will give you confidence in your brand so you can connect with your audience and grow the brand of your dreams.