5 Shows To Lift Your Spirit

April 20, 2020

It seems that we aren’t out of the wood when it comes to quarantine or social distancing. While we had hoped to be out of our houses by May, it’s looking like that may not happen here in Denver and therefore the new norm of staying home and different ways to escape will continue.

Lucky for you, I’ve been looking for the shows that leave me feeling good about life or at least release a large amount of laughter. While Tiger King will give you lots of jokes to make and will keep you informed on all the current memes, it does leave you feeling a little grimy.

Instead, check out any one of these T.V. shows and feel a little more inspired or just plain happy when you walk away!

Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu

I won’t lie when I say, this show looked dumb when I saw the preview. A wannabe The Voice meets a narrative. But let me tell you sister, it’s freaking phenomenal. When loner Zoe gets into a freak accident that allows her to hear people’s deepest thoughts and feelings through song, she realizes she now has the duty to start connecting with the world around her. The playlist is to die for, the actors are ones you know and love, and Mo is the best friend you need in your life. Don’t walk, run to your couch and start this amazing show!

Making The Cut on Prime

Heidi and Time are back! In this newly created fashion show, similar to Project Runway but, oh, so much better, you’re two favorite fashion lovers have all the inspiration to give you! Set in Paris, these designers have the help of seamstresses and are pushed more for their designing abilities than their sewing abilities. The best part? The winning look is featured on Prime directly after the episode (which airs every Friday Night) so you can add it to your closet.

Kim’s Convenience on Netflix

Take every Asian stereotype you’ve ever heard put it in a convenience store and laugh until you cry. The Kims have their own family problems, like parents who are nosey, a father and son who aren’t talking and a daughter with the worst luck with men. But together they give you the laughter you’ve been missing.

Home Town on Hulu

I didn’t think I could ever love a design show as much as I loved Fixer Upper (which sadly ended, 3 years ago). But Home Town has really outdone itself. While Erin and Ben have a much different dynamic and style aesthetic from Chip and Jojo but they bring just as much joy and inspiration to your life. Get some home design ideas from these two or just admire the Southern life while you sit at home preparing to host at your home again.

Cheers on Netflix

The classic 80’s show Cheers holds up after all these years with Sam, Carla, Woody, and Norm up to all their crazy schemes. We’ve been watching this before we go to bed every night to release some laughs and set ourselves up for positive dreams. If you’ve never experienced the magic of Cheers then you really need to get up to date with this classic show!