Finding your style of hat

April 17, 2020

“I didn’t recognize you without a hat!”

I get it all the time. My hats have become my signature and I’m not mad about it, probably because they are the accessory that gives me the feeling I can do anything. 

Just as Audrey Hepburn had her pearls, Mary Poppins had her umbrella and Iris Apfel has her glasses, I have my hats. The collection grows every year and now that my husband knows this is my ideal birthday gift he’s never out of ideas of what he could surprise me with (Goorin Brothers, anyone?)

The secret to developing your style is finding not only your color pallet (my number one when helping friends edit their closets) but to find the few pieces you can’t live without. For me that’s hats. All the different styles in every color made of every material to work in the hot months of Summer or the snowstorms of the winter. Hats to me are my go-to accessory and they’ve become what I’m known for.

While the list of styles, materials, and colors, could go on forever. Featured here are a few of my favorites along with some suggestions on how to style them. I hope the hats that you find in your closet bring as much joy and confidence as these do for me.


Hat Styles

The Cloche Hat

In the 1920s the Cloche (French for bell) became the hat of the town. In its bell-shaped form, this hat sits nicely around the head giving you a vintage feel like you just hopped out of Midnight in Paris. I love wearing this hat skirts and blazers to feel a little extra girly and vintage at the same time. This particular hat is my first Goorin Brothers hat that Clayton got me for my birthday a few years back. Its straw build makes it the perfect Spring/Summer hat but I’ll mix it into warmer days during the Winter too.

Hat Styles

The Paperboy/Newsboy/Poor-boy Hat

The Paperboy had. While this hat was another classic from the 1920s my velvet blue rendition of it makes me think of the 1970s instead. I love pairing this hat with my red leather jacket, some bootleg or bellbottom pants and a fitted tank top or sweater. It’s a versatile hat but somehow I always come out looking like I just got off-campus in the ’70s when I wear this hat. Because it is velvet and most of them are usually made of thicker materials, I break this hat out a lot in the Fall and Winter.

Hat Styles

The Panama Hat

The Panama hat or my go-to Safari hat is a Summer-time staple. Whether we’re going to a concert, heading to Cuba or indeed going on Safari in Africa I have worn this hat everywhere. Its straw material makes it light and the brim is short to not get in your way but provide some protection. But most of all, it’s just cute. The Panama is the same as a fedora except that it is made of a lighter material, so if you love this hat, you’re sure to love my all-time favorite hat the Fedora.

Hat Styles

The Fedora

This hat has become my signature and I’m waiting to buy it in every color and every material so that I basically don’t have an outfit I could wear without it. Its wide brim feels like a cowboy hat but because the sides don’t turn up it stays in the Fedora family. The one I’m wearing here is made of straw and therefore the perfect hat for summer. However, I also own this style in felt to keep me through the winter. 

Hats to me, are just like Superman’s cape; they provide the confidence you need to face the world with a style that says I can do anything. Some days it’s an excuse to cover up dirty hair and other days it’s a bold statement to add to an outfit, but the beauty of the hat is that it doesn’t matter. It’s the easiest way to add that little extra to your look and stand out from the crowd, especially when you choose a piece that has a vintage flair–Just wait until I start rocking hats from My Fair Lady, that is what style dreams are made of.