Holiday Engagement! Now What?

January 5, 2020

EEEEEK! It happened! You fell in love, you started dreaming of a life together and then he asked. In some elaborate way, in the presence of your friends and family or if you’re like me, in the middle of an Aspen forest during the pouring rain. However it happened, it was perfect because it was your love story and the ring of your dreams (The man of your dreams was implied here).

Yes, this Christmas will be one you will never forget, so what do you do now?

Once you’ve shown the ring to every family member and friend you know. You’ve made all the phone calls and even cried with too many people to count. Now it’s time for planning. Which can be a little overwhelming so start with the small things.

Will you get married this year or have a longer engagement?

Do you know where you want to get married? What state? What city? and then what location?

But of course, my favorite thing to think about is engagement photos.

So here are the questions you should be asking when picking your photographer and planning your shoot.

1. Do you want a specialist or do you want it included in your wedding photography package?

A lot of wedding photographers today have an engagement session added into their package for your wedding day. If you’re looking to save money then this is a great way to pick your photographer and save a little more on your wedding. However, a specialist only shoots engagements, like me! I work with you to be comfortable in front of the camera, to feel confident in your skin and to engage with each other in natural ways that showcase your love story. The only thing I do is shoot portraits whereas a wedding photographer is really an events photographer. They are still amazing at what they do and will provide you with powerful images, but your experience and even the style of photos will differ.

2. Where do you want your engagement photos taken?

Location is everything when it comes to telling a story. Just think of your favorite movie. The Titanic couldn’t have happened in the middle of the Sound of Music set. So when you think of your relationship what spots come up? Did you fall in love in the mountains? Did you meet near a lake? Do you love spending time in your home with your dogs and that feels the most like you? I work with my couples to help them find the right location for their story whether that’s the perfect mountain top, a park near their home or cozying up on the couch in their own home. Together, we’ll make sure your location is perfect.

3. What should you wear?

This is my favorite question when it comes to shoots which is why I’ve written some longer blog posts about it including this one. But here are my main tips: Bring multiple outfits that you feel your sexiest in. Remember to show off your waist, it will keep you looking thin. I like a jean outfit and a long skirt outfit to give variety. Most importantly, as someone who is fashion obsessed myself, every one of my shoots comes with a 30-minute video fashion consultation to make sure that you look and feel confident even before you’re in front of my camera!

4. What season is right for you?

Depending on when you are getting married or when you got engaged could decide on what season to get your engagement photos taken. In reality, there is no wrong time to get your photos taken. Summer is a very popular season for photography which means you’ll need to book weeks out, whereas the Winter is often the slow season and allows you to do more last-minute shoots if you need it. Each season brings its own story, so do the one that feels the most authentic to your love story or that will fulfill your engagement photo dreams!

Wedding planning can be a lot, but kicking it all off with engagement photos is a fun way to get excited about things and to remember why you are doing this all. Because you’re in love. This all leads up to you standing in front of your friends and family making a promise to the love of your life. Don’t forget that. And with a photoshoot date engagement sessions, I promise, you’ll always be reminded of what a special time this is, and why you are so excited about the day you get to say “I do”!