Date Night: Home Makeover

February 23, 2020
Date Night Ideas: Home Makeover

On Christmas eve we arrived at my parent’s house with the expectation of watching Christmas movies by the fireplace and eating the amazing Chili Clayton had cooked the night before. My Dad, on the other hand, had something he wanted us to do first.

For years, we’ve talked about moving to a bigger place. I’ve lived in my 900 square-foot condo for 6 years now and dreamt of the day we’d have a house with a yard so it wasn’t a surprise when my dad sat me down to look at the house he had been searching through online. Pretty much all of them fell flat except for one. Two days later we had a showing and the whole family came to see this house that we thought looked perfect.

But what you read on the internet doesn’t always align with reality…

Upon walking into the house you are smacked in the face with the stench of cigarette smoke. The rooms, while huge on the computer, we tiny. (a great lens trick to get people in the door). The living room was so small that if we put our couch in it, your feet would be in the fireplace.

My dad continued to tell us how we could buy it, flip it and sell it in a year, all things I didn’t want to do so we left heartbroken and very much aware that our budget was probably not going to get us our dream house in Denver.

Move-in day tested us, but every day since then we’ve got to enjoy dreaming together, and putting together a home that we can’t wait to come home to.

3 days later though, we found a house that fulfilled every Leave it to Beaver dream we had. A 5 bedroom, 2-story home not to far from where our condo was with a small back yard, a fireplace, and 2 car garage. Checkbox after checkbox was filled and we knew that while a little over what we were hoping to spend, we could see ourselves in this home for easily the next 10 years if not 20-30.

I’ll admit that the process of buying a home, getting our condo ready to rent out, and taking care of a new puppy has been a lot for the both of us over the last 2ish months. But when it came to move-in day and the 2-weeks to follow, we’ve loved spending the time together to make our dream home a reality.

Shopping for essentials like new locks, caulk for the guest bathroom shower, garage remotes and cleaning supplies was just as much fun as standing in home depot and deciding on paint colors for the fireplace and bedroom or going couch shopping for a new couch for the living room.

Move-in day tested us, but every day since then we’ve got to enjoy dreaming together, brainstorming, and putting together a home that we can’t wait to come home to.

Looking for a different kind of date night in your life? Try one of these:

  1. Go shopping for a piece of furniture you know you need (don’t just purchase online)
  2. Pick a new paint color and paint a room together. Bonus: Play your favorite music and turn it into a paint party!
  3. Rearrange the furniture in your home to make it feel like new
  4. Pour some wine and sit together dreaming of your dream home. Where is it? How big? What special features do you want? Keep dreaming together and I’m sure it will come to fruition sooner than you think!



Date Night Ideas: Home Makeover