How To Create A Routine

February 1, 2021
How To Create A Routine

Some of the greatest minds in history talk about their daily/morning routines as if they were a religious act. Because in most cases they are. Which is why we all need to know how to create a routine that serves us and our specific needs.

Morning Routine

When you are considering how to create a routine, it starts with your morning routine.

the great success stories usually include waking up before the sun, a cup of something hot to get the morning moving and slow practices to allow you time to wake up and reset.

For me it starts with:

  • A hot cup of tea (Teamotions or August Uncommon are my favorites)
  • Sitting by the fireplace and reading a book for 30-45 minutes
  • 20-60 minute yoga flow focused on movement + breath

Your morning is the foundation to your day. It needs structure and intention. This time may be the only time in your day that you get to yourself so create space that will serve your needs and help you hit your goals.

Daily Routines

Daily routines will most likely shift. I know that different times of the month provide different levels of creativity for me or how outgoing I’m feeling. I also know that on a day to day basis I have to schedule out time for my business otherwise client’s needs end up replacing my own. So I schedule in my whole day. Which hours I’ll be working with which clients, when it’s time to work on my business and even when I’ll be taking breaks.

My husband works for a big corporation so he has to take breaks at specific times. I therefore align my breaks with him so that I get real human interaction.

During these breaks, we’ll have snacks, do some Sun Salutations to wake up our bodies, walk the dog around the block, or lay in the sun on a warm day. We find things that will give us our energy back during this short time away from the computer.

Evening Routines

Then there are the evenings. This is time that so easily gets wasted to just watching TV. In hopes of limiting my TV watching, I have a rule not to turn on the TV before 6 pm while I still have energy to work on other things. Art, workout, see friends, read a book, run errands, make dinner. Whatever it is, I make the time to get it done before we zone out for the rest of the evening and get lost in a homemaker show.

The evenings are also a great time for some self care. Baths, showers, facials, tea, even playing with you dog. Just like the hours in the morning that are for you, this time right after work can be a space to care for yourself with your family.

While we spend a lot more time with our families since COVID there are still ways to make it intentional and to really connect. It doesn’t need to be every night that you seek out family time, but finding ways to build intentional time with the people you love throughout your weekly routines will make all the difference.

How To Create A Routine

How you create a routine all starts with what you want to get out of your week, day, or life. Make a list of all the things you want to get done this year. Projects you want to do, books you want to read, things you want to learn. Then think about the things you know you need in your life, a way to move your body, peace and quiet, time in nature etc. From this list of the things you want and need start to lay out different ideas that you can insert into your daily routines.

What could you do in the morning to serve you and your goals? How can 15-minute breaks in the day serve you? What about the 1-2 hours after work where you still have a bit of energy left? You won’t accomplish everything on your list so ensure that you are focusing on the most important things. But start with something and try out new ways to organize your day so that it works for you.

You never know where a routine might lead and how it might serve you.

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