How Often Should You Get New Photos For Your Business?

April 30, 2018
Build Trust with Testimonials

Photography will change your business.

Those are some big words, and it’s easy for me to say, I’m a photographer. But they’re true. I could give you a list of articles that will explain to you how important photography is to your business from people who aren’t photographers and I’ve even listed a few at the bottom of this post.

Read them, frame them, take them to heart. 

When you are a small brand, it can be hard to invest in your photography and even harder to find the funds for it in which case the answer to how often should you get new photos for your business is when you can afford it. Ideally, I’d set aside the funds for at least once a quarter. 

When you get fresh photos quarterly, you can keep up with the seasons and have photos that match your customer’s mood. Photos with the golden leaves in the summer, snow in the winter (maybe even Christmas lights), flowers in the spring and all that fun in the sun during the summer. 

These photos will help you freshen up your website, provide some content for your social media and tell the story of any new products you’ve added to your collection. 

If you’re a little more developed as a brand and have a larger marketing budget then ideally you should be getting new photos for your brand every 4-6 weeks. That might sound like a lot, but you’ll then have plenty of fresh and high-quality content to share on social media. You’ll also always have a fresh website to show off the lifestyle of your products and let your customers see what your product looks like in action. 

Great photography makes your brand look legit. You would NEVER see Nike put up a bad phone photo on their website or even on their Instagram. Even smaller brands like Ssesko and 31bits have invested tons into their photography to provide great storytelling images that will capture the attention of their viewers. 

These companies will go even as far as taking photos for special holidays like Mother’s Day; it’s the perfect way to connect with their ideal customer’s or their husbands. 

If you’re wondering, will photography really make a difference in my brand? The answer is yes. It won’t necessarily make you, but it will break you if it’s bad. 

If you’re wondering, do I need to invest in photography for my business? The answer is eventually. If you’re starting out you might be able to get by with your friend learning out to use their new DSLR or embracing the portrait mode of your phone. As your business becomes more official and it starts growing you need the eye, technical knowledge, and experience of a professional photographer. The sooner you can build your arsenal of powerful images, the better.

If you’re wondering, where can I find the right photographer for my business? The answer is easy. You can send me an email, and we can see if we’d be a right fit, or look at hashtags on Instagram with your city and the word photographer or commercial photographer. (#DenverCommercialPhotographer or #DenverProductPhotographer, etc.)

Photos that tell a story, highlight your product and put your customer into them will do more for your business then almost any other marketing you’ll pay for. It starts with an amazing photo, and from there you do the rest.  

What are you waiting for? When will you schedule your first photo shoot? 


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