Selling Doesn’t Need to Be “Icky”

May 31, 2021
How To Sell

There is a common misconception that selling is somehow “icky.” Whether it’s the image of a used car salesman or the phone calls that interrupted your dinner as a child, we’ve all been exposed to a form of selling that felt forceful and inauthentic.

Just as you’ve experienced bad sales, you’ve experienced good sales too, you just might not know it.

When your spouse asked you out for a first date, that was sales.

When your kids convinced you to buy them that thing or go on that vacation, that was sales.

Or my favorite, anytime you’ve talked yourself into doing something, that was sales. (Selling to yourself!)

Sales don’t have to be “icky.” When they’re coming from a good place they are simply a tool to help make people’s lives better. And we are all in the business of serving our customers.

So this week, make the sale.

Whether on social, in-person, or on a call, start getting comfortable with selling. Change your mindset of thinking you’re annoying or getting in the way to “I’m going to make this person’s life better,” or “I’m here to help solve a problem.”

Don’t picture the used car salesman who’s out for a quick buck and willing to sell a piece of s*** to do it. Instead picture your spouse convincing you to go out with them, picture your kids wanting to experience more in life, picture yourself asking for a treat yourself moment. And then ask for the sell.

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