How To Write a Customer Profile

June 3, 2021
Customer Profile

If you’re selling to everyone, you’re already losing. Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Shouldn’t you want to sell to as many people as possible? Shouldn’t your goal be to increase sales? YES! But if you aren’t perfectly clear on who your audience is, then you’re getting lost in the crowd and losing sales already. Creating a customer profile is the first step to getting clear in whom you serve. What specific audience do you market to? Name them, serve them, and you’ll watch as your sales increase and your business grows.

What is a Client Profile?

A client or customer profile (also knows as your ideal customer) is an internal document used to get clear in whom you serve. It goes in depth of who you one specific customer is. You’ll break down their demographic, interest, income, etc. A client profile isn’t necessarily based on any one real person (although it can help to think of your favorite customer and base it off them) but to create an archetype of who your customer is and what they represent so you can market directly to them. It also helps you answer the question “does this add value to my customer” because you can think of that one specific person and know the answer.

How do you create a client profile?

Creating a client profile is simple. You can download my outline for a client profile or create your own from scratch. The idea is to put EVERYTHING you know about your customer in one place. Who they are, where they live, what their interests are, what their income is, how their friends would describe them, etc. The more details you can create about your ideal customer the better you’ll be able to picture them in your head and understand their pain points.

How do I find my ideal client?

Your ideal client doesn’t have to exist, though. Your goal is to create elements of a person that your audience will resonate with. If they like tea, dogs, and the outdoors then you’ll talk about those things in your marketing and social posts. By doing this you hit three different audiences–Tea lovers, dog owners, and outdoor enthusiasts. This allows you to connect with more people. As I always say, through the specific you gain the universal.

Identify key customers

When you dream about your business you dream about the types of clients you’ll have too. Use that as the basis of your client profile. It can be helpful to picture an client you currently have that you love. You know the one that walks into your shop and you think “why can’t everyone be like you?” If it’s helpful you can even ask them all your client profile questions and base it right off of them.

Archetypes in your ideal customer profile

Archetypes are one of my favorite tools to use in business. They give you SO many insights into your brand and your customers. In my new online course, Creating Your Dream Brand, I break down how I use Archetypes to create brand and client profiles. You’ll even watch me walk through the entire process with a brand, first hand. This tool is HUGE when it comes to gaining clarity in your brand. Go deeper with your ideal customer with the use of Archetypes.

Your Ideal Customer

By creating an ideal customer you aren’t turning business away. You aren’t saying “if you aren’t my ideal customer, I won’t serve you.” You’re simply getting clear in your messaging so that you can reach the clients that you want to work with, the ones most likely to convert. Anyone else that finds you and falls in love is just a bonus.

Don’t be a afraid to get specific. It can feel like you’re leaving money at the door but in the end we like to go to the experts. We want the people we know will solve our specific problems. That’s what getting clear in your brand and customer will do for you–Leverage you as the expert.

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