Running an Intentional Brand

September 1, 2020
Creating and Intentional Brand

Every year I choose a theme for the year to use to guide me in my decision making. I’ve noticed that without even thinking about it I often go back and forth between two main themes–Creativity and Intention.

Living intentionally seems easy enough. Yet paying attention to our habits and slowing down enough to look within takes focus. What often doesn’t come to light when we think about intentionality is the thought of running an intentional brand. Most of us simply run a business to grow exponentially and make our dreams come true. But things that grow exponentially are called cancer. Therefore, they might not be the dream you’ve been building in your mind. 

The more I think about business the more the idea of a complete picture needs to come. Not just a goal to hit another goal after that but a cap on what I want. I have the intention of creating a business that allows me to live the lifestyle I want, nothing more. 

What It Means to Have an Intentional Brand

Hitting a million dollars, selling off my business, employing 100 people are all not on my list of intentions for my business. Working with sustainable brands that want to make the world better, photographing incredible products in the great outdoors, and serving business owners in any way I can, all are on my intentions list. Along with hitting $150,000 in revenue to create the lifestyle I want for me and my family, traveling the world and giving back to organizations that are doing amazing work. 

Intentions don’t just stop with how we take care of ourselves but the thought process that goes into our work and dreams too. Living with intention means not living for exponential gains, but living to the means that we need to sustain a lifestyle that will serve us and those we love. 

As you dream up amazing dreams for your brand and where you want to go, set your intentions for what you want out of your brand now. Having an intentional brand doesn’t mean you don’t make money or even that you can’t change your mind about your intentions later. Instead, it’s a focus to align with your values and keep you in focus of what is most important.

As you define your intentions for your brand, start with these questions:

Define Your Intentions

  1. How large do you want your company to be? When will you stop growing? (Number of employees or revenue are a great place to start)
  2. How will your brand make an impact in the world? (Sustainable practices, high-quality and fair trade products, giving back)
  3. What is the mission behind the brand? What good do you want to leave or change do you want to create?
  4. What practices do you see in your industry that you don’t want to stand for?
  5. What practices do you want to stand for?
  6. Describe your dream day. (When do you wake up? What do you do? Who do you see? How do you feel?)

When it comes to living with intention the idea is not just to go with the status quo. Intentional living is all about paying attention. It’s noticing how things feel in your body, how you respond, what brings you joy or sadness, and how your choice affects the world around you. Growing an intentional brand lives up to those same means. Pay attention. Ask Questions. Define what success means to you. And stick to the path you’re creating, not the one that the world tells you to take. In the end, growing and sustaining an intentional brand will give you more joy and less stress and have a greater impact on the world around you. (especially as a sustainable brand!)

Want more help with creating an intentional brand? Schedule a consult call and lets talk about how you can focus your brand, set goals, and follow the path that was made for you.