Matching Your Location To Your Story

September 29, 2019
Reveal Yourself to Your Audience

I can still feel the brisk air of the top of the 14er where I told him I loved him for the first time. With mountaintops surrounding us, the warm sun hitting the skin not covered by layers of hiking clothes, and the wind blowing the cool thin air around us. I was out of breath for the lack of oxygen, the long hike and the fear of the words that were about to come out. With about 10 strangers around us as I finally got the courage to blurt out the words. It’s a scene I’ll never forget.

As with every great moment in our lives, there’s a scene that sets the story. The same is true for your couple’s photo shoot. Where your photos are captured should feel true to who you are and where your love story started.

For the adventurous couple, the edge of a mountain makes the most sense. If you fell in love in the city or met on a train then it might just be the city that tells the story of your romance best. Within those general places, there are still a million places to pick from that fit your story perfectly.

Looking at other photo shoots for inspiration doesn’t always apply. Instead, look at your past, where the story all began. When you received the best news of your life what were you looking at?

The details of your love story are what make it special. Your story is original, your location should be too.

Where will your love story take you next?
Hopefully, it’s in front of my camera.