A Morning Routine For a Creative Day

March 12, 2018

The most successful people in the world have a set morning routine. Waking up every day with the same motions helps you get more done and prepare for a day. By having a set list of little wins – having a cup of coffee, making the bed, getting dressed, etc. – we’ve already set up for success. While no morning routine works for everyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that fits for you. My morning routine not only gets me out of bed but inspires me for a creative day!

Wake Up By Light

You can now call us the Jetsons! With plugs that are controlled by our Amazon Echo and phones, we never have to touch a light switch again (because we like turning into the movie Wall-E). More importantly, we can now set our lights on timers, turning them into alarm clocks. This has changed our wake-up game. We no longer use annoying alarms but just have the worlds brightest light switch on, and you’re awake. It takes a few days to adjust to it, but it does get you out of bed.

Put The Phone Down

The only thing I check on my phone in the morning is the time, the weather and any text message I’ve received overnight. I don’t check my email or social media until I’m at work at 9 am. Emails and social media create a lot of stress which is why I stay away from them as long as possible. I either stress out about problems I can’t fix until I’m at the office or I start the comparison game on social media, and I don’t need to start my day off believing I’m not good enough.

A Morning Workout

I will not be going for a mile job let along a five or ten-mile jog at any time of day (sorry Clayton, this is why we need a dog!) However, I’ve seen how my mood and body changes when I get my body moving and therefore lean on yoga. Any amount of yoga is a win for me, but I try and do 10-30 minutes in the morning. “Yoga With Adrienne” on YouTube is my morning living room class, and It’s perfect. Stretching your body and focusing on your breath is a great way to let go of life’s stress and create some new intentions for your day.

I’ll have a Tea, please! 

Tea has some incredible health benefits including lowering your blood pressure, easing anxiety and tickling your taste buds. Drinking something hot in the morning gets your digestive system moving. It also helps wake you up and keeps you relaxed for the day ahead. While Clayton will drink his coffee first thing in the morning, I like to start with our morning smoothie (extra protein powder and kale in mine!) and then get my tea ready for the drive to work. On the cold morning drives, it’s the perfect thing to warm me up!

Creating morning routine

Time to Contemplate 

I always leave time in my morning for one of two things. I like to sit and read a book by the fireplace, or I enjoy journaling. I know that a lot of people think you should journal every day, but I don’t always have enough thoughts to share. (Can I just right “Diddo” and call it good?) There are some days where there is a lot on my mind and getting it out on paper will help my process the information or just let it go. For the days with less on my mind I stick with a good book. In most cases, I’m reading a non-fiction book about business or spirituality, but anything to read will do.

A Hug and a Kiss

Whether you have a significant other, a roommate, a family member or a pet, having someone to say goodbye to in the morning is a great feeling. In our house, we never leave without a hug and a kiss. Life is short, and love is powerful; use it while you’ve got it.

Every morning is different. I have to remember to give myself grace is other things need to get done before rushing out the door, or my body needs that extra 30 minutes of sleep. A routine is not meant to be one more thing on your to-do list or another added stress. If at any time your morning routine becomes something you don’t enjoy it’s time to figure out a new routine. One that makes you excited to start your day and take on the world!

What are some of the things you like to do in the morning?



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