Buying a new outfit for Date Night

November 3, 2019

I’ve associated clothes with big moments in my life. The outfit I wore on our first date, the clothes I had on when he proposed and of course the dress I wore when I said: “I do”. For me, the perfect outfit is more for me than anyone else. It’s when I feel at my best and can exude confidence. The perfect outfit can help you take over the world.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be looking for a new outfit to wear for your epic date night shoot. I can’t blame you, a new outfit is powerful. So when you’re combing through the racks here are a few tips on making purchases that both compliment your closet and make you feel sexy on your date night.

Choose a color pallet

The key to having a wardrobe you like, and plenty of options for date night (whether this shoot or a dinner date in the future) is to have a color pallet that works with each other and your skin. Having the same colors throughout your closet will make mixing and matching so much easier. I wear a lot of black, white, blue and grey with pops of olive green and deep purple.

What’s your style

Are you a boho girl or do you like things tailored? Are you a fan of wild patterns or do you like to keep things classic? Figure out what your taste is and keep 90% of your closet in that genre. In my closet I stick with a tailored classic look. Although, as an artist, I like to keep things fresh with a few bold pieces that add a lot of color or pattern to the mix.

My favorite timeless piece

There are some things every closet needs. An impeccably tailored coat whether it’s a pea coat, a camel coat or something entirely different. It should fit you like a glove but keep you warm like one too.

A pair of pumps
In whatever color matches your pallet, a good heel will take you to amazing places. I personally, think it’s worth investing in one that’s as comfortable as you kind find.

A blazer
Tailored or boyfriend cut, your blazer will go with you through every life event.

A comfy sweater
It doesn’t have to be cashmere (although, those are nice). But a sweater that’s well fitted or slouchy and sexy will be a great addition to your shoot and your closet.

The perfect fit dress
Tight around the bust and flair out or tight everywhere, whatever your style. The cinched waist will make you appear thinner in photos and will drive your man crazy. It’s also a great way to feel extra sexy yourself. 

The accessories
I’m a firm believer that every outfit can be made better with the right accessories. A scarf, a statement necklace or the perfect pair of earrings. A simple look of a t-shirt and jeans can be transformed with a little costume jewelry.

Shop used to make your dollars go further

The number one shop I visit is Clothes Mentor. Gently used, high-quality brands sold at less than $20 apiece on average. eBay, thrift stores, Thredup or Poshmark are all other great options to find cheap finds with great quality.

With these tips and a few new items in your closet your sure to have the confidence, you’ve been wanting in your date night photo shoot. That with the combination of my direction, you’ll be feeling sexy in every shot. Ready to book your date night shoot? It’s time that you felt as good as you look!